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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Family Treasure

Seeing all of the old family quilts while we were on vacation the last couple of weeks, made me even happier to come home to this family treasure. A tumbling blocks pattern made into stars.  I have a blurry pic of it posted under my favorite quilts tab but I thought that it's about time I tried to take a decent photo of it.  I still don't think my photo does it justice.

It was pieced, parts of it by hand, and parts of it by machine by Rosa B. Robertson, who was born in 1895 in Missouri, and lived until 1971 when she passed away near Kansas City, MO.  "Aunt Rose" was my grandmother's aunt.  Making her my great-great-aunt? I wish I could have known her...

I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.  Maybe that's when I became fascinated with quilting.. I don't remember how old I was but it was a folded up quilt top in my grandma's drawer. It was finally quilted by hand by my grandma and my mom and anyone else who happened to come over and help, maybe 20 years ago now?  Not so sure on the time.  I just remember them hand quilting it in my grandma's family room where she would have her quilt frames set up.  1x2's and clamps.  Thumb tacked to the frame.  Old school.

I don't know what fascinates me more about it.  I love the red.. I love that the top was pieced partly by hand and partly by machine, and that it was pieced four generations ago.. I love everything about it.  Most esp. all of the fabrics.  So amazing. 

They are all scraps I'm sure.. some of them look like they could have been work shirts, some pajamas maybe, some dresses.. who knows.

Everything from gingham to polka dots to.. this?  Who wore this, I wanna know! :) I kind of love it.

I wonder what decades they are all from.. I never get tired of looking at it.

It makes me think of Tula Pink's upcoming Diamonds in the Sky quilt pattern that will be coming out in a kit soon.  :) 

(It will be available at the Fat Quarter Shop Sept. 2013).  She had the original at Quilt Market and it is sooo gorgeous!!!

I'm proud of Aunt Rose, her artistic eye, and her industriousness in saving all of those scraps, cutting them and piecing them into something so gorgeous. 

I was so thankful and honored to have it come live at my house when my grandma gave it to me a couple of years before she passed. 

I should probably make a label to put on it so that future generations will know who pieced it etc.

And I love that my mom and my grandma stitched on it.  It's my favorite family treasure!!

Thanks for letting me share it with you!!!

Hope you're having a great week!!


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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Inspiration behind Mod GeoCruiser

I've been meaning to do a post about my Make it Right Challenge entry with more photos and the inspiration behind it etc.  So this is the story..

I think it was in April when my friend Lisa, at Lisa Lisa & the Quilt Jam told me about the Make it Right Challenge using the Right Angles panel from Angela Walters' Textures line, I wasn't sure if I would enter.. I'm not such a work under pressure type person.  But the prizes were so great, I figured maybe I'd try it but only if I could come up with an idea that I loved, and if I couldn't then I just wouldn't enter.

I had a couple of ideas that I wasn't too sure about, but when I came up with this idea and drew it up on graph paper, I knew I wanted to sew it up and enter!  Even though I wasn't sure I could get it done in time.  

It took a while, and lots of work, with a trip to Quilt Market in between.. but I finished it.  I finished the top prior to leaving for Market, and quilted it the week after I got back and got it done with a couple of weeks to spare! Whew!  Imagine my surprise when I saw cruiser bikes decorating so many booths at Market!  I couldn't wait to get home and quilt it!

The name just came from the bike being very angular and geometric.

Mod GeoCruiser

The rules emphasized thinking outside of the box and finding new and different ways to use panel fabrics.  So I knew I wanted to make into something totally unexpected, something a panel might never be used for.  

I was inspired by my hub's love of cycling (he routinely goes on 25-50 mi rides) and my my own love of the beach cruiser.  I have spent my fair share of time loitering in bike shops with him, and any extra space in our garage is full of bike frames, bike parts, and other bike related things. I have learned to enjoy stopping at the bike shop "for just a minute" (while he ends up talking to the bike mechanic for an hour) by admiring all of the different beach cruisers.. different colors and patterns.. they're so fun! (In turn, he never complains about loitering in a quilt shop with me or about my stash of fabric that mysteriously keeps growing... The trade off is worth it!)

So I thought if I took one side of the panel and cut it into 2.5 in squares and reassembled them.. would make a really great pattern for a cruiser.

And every beach cruiser needs a basket with flowers in it.  This is where I used the other side of the panel with the larger squares on it.. That side became the pedals, handle bar grips, seat, and basket. Here are all of the fabrics that I used..Except I actually had to use two panels to get enough little squares for the bike and for the binding.

We were only allowed to use the panel and Pure Elements solids in our project.

I did some plaid quilting on it.. though my quilting still needs tons of practice, and I can never manage to get it basted out all smooth and tight.. still working on that.. but I think it turned out pretty good! 

I kind of love it and am so excited that it's doing well in the Challenge!  As in "way over the moon" excited.  I can picture it in so many different colors.. white background with really bright orange bike..  linen background with red pattern bike, and black polka dot tires and wild floral print for the flowers..

I heart it so much that I'm going to write it up into a pattern.

(That is my orange cruiser in the background above.) :)  This quilt is so personal it is going to stay right here and live at our house.  My son is already in love with it and was laying under it the whole time I was sewing the binding. I would totally ride this cruiser. :)

Voting is still going on, if you like the pattern and/or the completed quilt, please head over to Art Gallery Fabrics Pinterest boards by clicking HERE to vote by repinning it, and/or "liking" it.  

Also, just in case you would ever like to make your own version of the Mod GeoCruiser, keep an eye out for the pattern, and there might be some exciting news later in the summer. :)

I loved this challenge and I love that it pushed me to do something that was totally out there out of my comfort zone.  To take a panel as inspiration and my imagination and make something that's totally "me".  So much fun!!

Thanks for stopping in this weekend.. we are finally back home from our vacation and looking forward to sleeping in our own beds tonight, but we had a great time on our trip!  

Have a great rest of the weekend!  Maybe take the bike out for a cruise. :)


Thursday, June 20, 2013

A finished quilt top..just in time!

Our trip is almost over!!

Two weeks ago, we flew to Nashville, last week we drove with my parents from TN to Southwest MO, and tomorrow we're driving up to KC, MO to visit for a couple of days before flying home to CA.  It's been a great summer trip so far, complete with a little sewing thrown in on my mom's 1961 Singer Slant-o-Matic 503. (the Rocketeer)

I managed to whip up a quilt top, queen size, for my mom to use on her bed. Here it is spread out over a full size bed.  Maybe next time I visit, we can get it quilted.

It all started when I felt the urge to play with her vintage 1961 Slant-o-Matic, aka, the Rocketeer. :D Hers is the 503a, I believe.  

Check out this old Singer ad that I found. ha!

So I took the stack of rectangles..

..that I found in the scrap drawer..

..and just started sewing. And before long, they were one big, long string.  Rolled around an old spool of thread.

Sewn into horizontal rows of three..

..with six inch rows of sashing in between each one.  A scrappy, utilitarian quilt it will be when it's done.  So fun to just play with scraps with no pressure or plans and see where they take you. Fun vacation sewing! Feels good to make something useful out of something that was otherwise just hanging out in the drawer. :D

Our trip is almost over, and it's kind of bittersweet.  We've had such a good time visiting my family, but it will be nice to get back home.  We are seriously having Buster and Daddy withdrawals.  My hub didn't get to come this trip due to his work schedule. :(  I will leave you with the latest, cutest pic of Maude the Old English Sheep-puppy.  So glad we got to meet her in person in TN! :D Look at those fluffy feet, and giant black button nose, and mussed up hair. So cute.

Have a great weekend, and the next time we talk it will be from *Home Sweet Home* in Calif. :) Thanks for coming along on my vacation!


p.s. One week left to vote in the Make it Right Challenge, if you already voted for Mod GeoCruiser, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meet Christa of Christa Quilts!

I have some exciting news~ I am so  happy to announce and welcome a new sponsor, Christa Quilts!

I'm sure that you've heard of her fab String of Pearls quilt along that she has going on right now (which is available as a kit).. if not, be sure to check it out!  

You can even get a fat eighth bundle designed for the quilt along here

In addition to blogging about quilting nearly every day and offering a continuous series of free quilt alongs, Christa makes her living selling fabric full-time with her hubby and kids. I love supporting "mom-trepreneurs"! 

She specializes in an eclectic mix of fresh, modern and fun fabrics (including over 100 Kona Solids! That's a huge selection of Kona!)

She also loves to put together custom quilt kits and has a great selection.

In fact, her Charming Chevrons quilt (which recently won the Blogger's Quilt Festival viewer's choice AND hung at QuiltCon) is also available as a kit in several different color schemes.

Christa's amazing quilt:

One of the many kit options (if you want to make one exactly like hers, there's one for that too):

She even has a special offer going on right now - use coupon code CQA2013 through the end of June and you can save 20% off any of her fabulous kits! I also hear that she's going to start selling Angela Walters fabrics soon, too (like the fabric I used for my Mod GeoCruiser quilt).

If you've never visited her shop, go and have a look around.  She even has free shipping on all U.S. orders and 20% off of international shipping!  Wow!

I hope you'll drop by and have a peek @ and all she has to offer..

Hope you're all having a great week, come by tomorrow.. I have a completed "vacation" scrappy quilt top to show you.  We'll be heading back home to CA and to our regular routine on Saturday. Then it's off to work on the Mod GeoCruiser pattern!  

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Still on Vacation; Visiting the Family Scrap Drawer

Since my last post was about the vintage family quilts, I thought I would post about the family scrap drawer this time.. My mom saves EV.ERY.THING. :) So she has this drawer with different sizes of squares already cut, big and small, and rectangles.  She also still has her 1960's cabinet Singer sewing machine.

This is the machine I learned to sew on. :)

So when I saw all of the scraps in the drawer, from the 80's and 90's, and a few from the 60's and 70's when my mom used to sew a lot of clothes..

..I thought it'd be fun to sew some of them together.. so I took this stack of rectangles and just started sewing them end to end. For lack of a better plan.

And before long I was swimming in a long string of rectangles..

But finally I had sewn them all together, end to end, and I'm pretty sure they would have reached all the way around the house!

I had to roll them around an old spool of thread to keep them organized and from knotting up..

My mom and I layed them out on her bed last night and cut them to length to make a queen size scrap quilt.

Now they are waiting to be sewn together in groups of three, two of them are done, and there will be eight.

They will be sewn alternately with rows of yellow in between.. kind of like this..

So hopefully before we have to leave, it will be a queen size quilt top.

Still having a good time, may get to go and visit my cousin and her family on her farm, near here later this evening.  Word has it that they have a baby calf that they are bottle feeding right now. *swoon*..  I think A would really like that.. and if not I will I'm sure.  I am missing my big furry beast of a dog right about now! Having Buster withdrawals.

Hope you all have a great week ahead!!!  Thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Vacation~Visiting Old Family Quilts

We have been on vacation visiting my bro & SIL in Nashville, TN and while there, I noticed these beauties which belong to my SIL.  I love old family quilts that are passed from generation to generation..

This double wedding ring was so cool with all of its scraps--so much work in has a couple of rust stains, and the binding is a bit tattered.

We have been gone a week, and I am missing my scrap bin right about now.. Look at these baskets.. with the blanket stitching around the edges of the flowers and the embroidery on them.  And all of the hand quilting..

So cool!  Turquoise and red even, check out that sashing.. :)

Mr. Sonny got his best night's sleep with his Mickey Mouse under this quilt.. Sometimes when he's sleeping I catch a glimpse of the tiny thing he used to be.. growing up so fast.. :/  I love all of the prints in this quilt!

After four days, we left Nashville  and headed to Joplin, MO and are now visiting my parents for about a week, before we head to KC, MO for three days to visit my other brother and his family before heading home.  At my parents house, I am reminded of my grandmas and great-grandmas around every turn.

Mr. Sonny is sleeping under this log cabin, which was falling apart so bad that my mom rescued it and turned it into two pieces.  A lap quilt and a mat for the top of the dryer..

Happy Launderizing..

This quilt is on one of the extra beds..

Everything is so scrappy.. they used to sew all of their clothes, and then use up whatever they had left in quilts out of necessity.. I love that nothing went to waste, and that they made such beautiful things with very little.  Quilting history fascinates me.  And all of the hand quilting is beautiful.

I am sleeping under this beauty.. so gorgeous.. love all of the old scraps. Another scrappy double wedding ring..

And then I hunted this down in my mom's linen closet to have another look at it.  My great grandmother on my dad's side made it so so long ago, she always called it a Little Dutch Girl quilt, another name for Sunbonnet Sue. :D  Sunbonnet Sue isn't my favorite pattern in the world, but this one I love because of where it came from.. 

and I love all of the fabrics in the dresses, and the variations of the embroidery on the bonnets.

Some just have bows, some have only a band, and this one has some extra flowers. :D

Here's the hand quilting from the back.. 

*swoon* I love old family quilts.. I always wonder what was going on in the lives of the women when they were sewn together/quilted, and where all of the fabrics came from, or what they might have been in their former life.

Thanks for dropping in!!  We are having a fun summer vacation and family visit.  I will be ready to attack some more scraps when I get home for sure!

Oh, and we got to meet and visit with Maude the Old English Sheep-puppy.. she's five months old now and she is the sweetest, softest, fluffiest girl!  (it made me really miss Buster!!!)

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!


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