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Monday, March 31, 2014

Purple Punch Giveaway

This week, Mad About Patchwork is celebrating six years in business. And as part of the party, Pam has offered to give one of my followers a Purple Punch Fat Quarter Pack.  It's from the Curated Bundles section in the shop. I am always lacking in purple fabrics, so I really LOVE this one! Do you spot the Tula Pink?

This pack of nine FQs includes the following fabrics:

  • True Colors Sealing Wax in Amethyst
  • Acacia Arrowhead in Sugar
  • Gypsy Caravan Deco Dots in Aster
  • Belle Chrysanthemum in Olive
  • Helen's Garden Pirouette in Plum
  • Hothouse Flowers Lobelia Vine Yellow 
  • Chicopee Ladder Dot in Fuschia
  • Wallflowers Paper Petals in Leaf
  • Dowry Reliquary in Pink

To enter, just leave me a comment, letting me know how you follow. For extra entries, you can share about the giveaway on your other social media sites, and come back and leave another comment letting me know for each share. If you're a no reply blogger, please be sure to leave your email address in your comment, so I can contact you if you win!

When you're done entering, head on over to Mad About Patchwork and check out the other Curated Bundles.  Like the Twilight bundle..

or the Upside Downside bundle..

..and Pam also tells me she is going to have a special $6/yd. sale section for the shop's 6th Anniversary Celebration. Yay!

Good luck in the drawing and thanks for dropping in to read today! I will leave the giveaway open for one week and pick a winner next Tuesday, April 8th. And Congratulations on six years, Pam!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Really Random Thursday Really Random List

While blog surfing this week, which I haven't had a chance to do in forever (I've missed it!), I came across a list from Pip at Meet Me at Mike's which I found at Cat's blog, Catalina's Cottage so I thought I'd play along for a Really Random Thursday post.

Making : a quilt with this bowl of quilt parts. ;) Not quite halfway done.

Cooking :  lots of fresh vegetables.

Drinking :  h2o

Reading: Horrible Harry books and Captain Awesome books to my son at night. I'm truly going to be sad when he outgrows bedtime stories. We've graduated from picture books to chapter books.

Wanting:  a portable steam cleaner.. I know.. I'm weird.

Looking:  at the mess of toys in the floor.

Playing:  with color.

Deciding: which house project needs tackling first.. the fence.. the bathroom wall.. etc.

Wishing: that house projects magically finished themselves.

Enjoying: beautiful spring weather.

Waiting: for much needed rain.

Liking: that Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream doesn't contain corn syrup!

Wondering:  how they make Spanx seamless-hehe.

Loving: how much better I feel after giving up the foods I'm allergic to.

Pondering: how we can google earth a backyard 1500 miles away but a jumbo jet with 230 people is still missing.. hopefully they find something soon for the families to have closure. :(

Considering: having a sole hope shoe cutting party.

Watching: Nicole Curtis rehab addict--LOVE that show!

Hoping: my hub has a happy and safe work week.

Marvelling: at how tall my son is getting, he's over half the size of the ladder! 

Needing: to get up and go walk the dog. (done!)

Smelling: fresh cut grass.

Wearing: jeans a size TWO sizes smaller! (as of today) woohoo!

Following: the news about MH370.:( And the mudslide in WA. :(

Noticing: blooming flowers in the neighborhood.

Knowing: that time goes by too fast! Seriously.. where did these cheeks go?? He was such a happy baby. 

Thinking: about the blocks I need to make for Kevin's block drive. (done!)

Admiring: Kevin the Quilter's 
passion for Quilts of Valor. (check out his blog post and block drive here)

Buying:  less processed food and more whole food. (and new jeans!)

Getting: excited to spend a week with my whole family this summer in a cabin on a lake (this is what happened when we found crazy mirrors at the Science Museum while in Nashville last summer. we laughed for a long time.  We are dorks.) :)

(here's my favorite old family trip photo. hehe)


Opening: my laptop to blog surf.

Giggling: at my son's zany sense of humor. You didn't know a travel neck pillow could double as a mohawk on a long road trip did you? ;) He makes me laugh every day.

Feeling: happy. :D

If you'd like to grab the list, you can find it here. :)

Linking up with Really Random Thursday. Hope you're having a great week!


Friday, March 21, 2014

~~Bespectacled Quilt~~

More on the new quilt front:  I had blogged before about finishing up this quilt, and trying to figure out what to bind it with. It's called Bespectacled... another one of those projects that I started in February for Drop and Give Me Twenty.  :) I finally settled on the red/pink print for the binding, partly b/c I had just enough of it left. I love when that happens! This one was lots of fun to make.  And still makes me happy to look at it!  I love the fabrics.  I made it with Riley Blake dots, and Unforgettable.

As a person who needs reading glasses now (grr-haha) I love to collect them in lots of styles and colors (the cheap ones-ha!) -- esp. since I'm always losing them or leaving them places.  So the specs were super fun for me to sew up!!  I love the idea of making all of the frames and lenses/ear pieces in different prints.  But I also think it would look super cool in black, white and variations of gray.  Or super bright colors. It's 76 x 76". Wow, I am saying 'super' a lot today.

I was so lucky to find the perfect backing fabric at my local craft store.. it had all of the colors that were in the quilt in it.  Crazy!  And you know how I feel about cruisers. :) I almost jumped up and down right there in the aisle of the store!  It's like it was MADE for this quilt!

And the red print binding goes well with it too.

And during binding, the stars aligned and I somehow came out with a perfect mitered corner.  Go figure.  It was all just meant to be. ;)

Everything about this finish makes me happy.  The glasses, the dots, the colors, the prints, the bikes, and *swoon* a mitered corner. I couldn't believe it.  I have a history of having a hard time with mitered corners. :) OH and the quilting! Pat quilted it and she put a different design in each of the glasses' lenses.  Like this bulls eye design in the red framed ones.  It's kind of hard to see in pictures.. but I'm in LOVE.

It's so much fun!  And to think.. at the start of February the whole thing just looked like a big bowl of quilt parts.

I spent the last few days working out the yardage requirements and finishing the pattern cover, so if you or anyone you know would ever like to make one, you can find it at my Craftsy or Etsy links and eventually at Triangles on a Roll. :) 

Hope you have a great weekend!


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Expo~My Christmas Pity Party Quilt Finish

Hi!! (hand waving)

Wow, it seems like forever since I've posted anything.. I've been kind of "moving in" to my new blog design.  It was fun having someone help me with it but I had a hard time deciding on the colors etc. Tenille at TCBOTB helped me with it and she was soo nice!!  Not to mention creative. I love the sewing machine! :) And the stitching.. and buttons.  She's great! 

In the meantime.. I have a finish to share.. Yay! A real live 100% finished finish.  It's a design that I doodled up on Christmas night this last year after putting my son to bed. I was sitting up late feeling sorry for us b/c my hub had to work on Christmas and I was sad. :(  Plus, I was missing my parents and brothers and their families who live far away.. I was really wallowing in it..  massive pity party for one. (Maybe that's why the secondary ring pattern reminds me of Christmas wreaths sometimes when I look at it.) So I took that sad and turned it to happy with color. :) 

I've been working on the quilt and pattern since the beginning of February for Beth's Drop and Give Me Twenty campaign.. They weren't quite finished in February but I'm so glad they are done now and I can finally share.  It's a big beast of a quilt at 80 x 80", but it went together fairly quickly with lots of chain piecing. :) I sent it over to Pat Roche to be quilted and she always does such a good job!!  I'm always amazed. If I had quilted it on my machine, it would have ended up all wonky and with tucks in it I'm sure!

And then I took it to my favorite playground to take pictures.  I'm calling it Expo b/c it reminds me of a circus for some reason.

I made it out of all red and aqua Riley Blake dots and chevrons and my favorite dots are on the back.. they are huge!  They fit right in with my "I like the back to be as much fun as the front" theory. :) 

I used Triangles on a Roll again for the HSTs, and the pattern will be available soon on their website, and I'm also going to put it on my Craftsy and Etsy sites.  But even if no one ever buys the pattern or makes one, (though I hope at least one person does so I can see what they do with it and how it looks out in the real world!) I had soo much fun making it, and I kind of want to make another.  The actual quilt top only took about a week or two to cut and sew up.  I want to do a scrappy one I think.  

So it will have a playmate the next time we hit the playground. :)

Hope you're having a great week! And that you are not blinded by my new colorful blog design. haha What can I say.  I like color! :D


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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Drop and Give Me Twenty Results (and blog stuff)

I have been working on some new quilts over the last month for my friend Beth's Drop and Give Me Twenty challenge, in which we pledged to sew at least 20 minutes every day in February.  I'm shocked to say I ended up doing way more that 20 minutes.. I kind of sewed my face off in the month of February, and have two almost finished quilts and patterns!  Yay! 

They both still need their bindings, which I prepped last night.  The first one is called "Expo", and I really like how it turned out. It has a star pattern, but then it has a couple of secondary things going on.. a kind of big flowery pattern around the stars, and then also a bigger ring pattern connecting them all together.  I'm in love with these Riley Blake tone on tone dots, and the giant red and aqua dots.  They were so fun to sew up!  When I get it all done, I can photograph it and work on getting the pattern out. :)  

The other one that I'm getting ready is called "Bespectacled".  It is out of the new line Unforgettable by Jen Allyson. It needs its binding too, and I was having a hard time choosing which color to bind it in.  It was between blue and the red/pink print.  Thanks to everyone that weighed in with an opinion on FB and IG! I finally decided on the red print.. I had the perfect amount left to finish the binding.  It's really fun.  I like making quilts of big "things" in case you haven't noticed. hehe

So now, the bindings are prepped, and my work is cut out for me.  Hopefully these WIPs will be done very soon!!

I'm also really excited to be updating the look of my blog.  About once every few months, I get sick of how it looks and set out to change it around, but the other night, I really botched it up, and really don't like it. :/  I couldn't find a background, etc that I really wanted, and now someone is helping me and it's really fun!  I can't wait for it to be done and look just like I have always pictured it in my mind. :)  I hope you all will like it too.  

Oh, one more update, I found a new online fabric shop!!  It is called Lemon Tree Fabrics.  

It is run by Julie in Massachusetts, go give her a visit! :)  She has a ton of fabric!  She also just started carrying my quilt patterns. I almost passed out when I received her email out of the blue asking if she could carry my two patterns.  She also carries patterns for women and girls.  It's always fun to find a new online shop!

Off I go to get some binding done!  

Happy Wednesday!! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Quilts of Valor

My blog friend, Kevin the Quilter, has something amazing going on right now.  He just announced a big project.  It involves a super quick charity block, which will go towards making quilts for veterans with Quilts of Valor. :)

AND, he is offering up a chance to win a $100 gift card to Missouri Star Quilt Company for every 5 that you send in!

Head on over to his post to find out about the specifics of colors, and for the block tutorial.  Here is a pic of a finished top that he made with the blocks. Love it!


I hope his house is overflowing soon with blocks. :)  Maybe he should warn the postman. Thanks for stopping in for a read.  Hope you can help Kevin out!


Linking up with Anything Goes, being guest hosted by Val's Quilting Studio this week.

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