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Favorite Quilts

Quilts that are dear to me.

I can't remember the first time I saw this quilt top, in my grandmother's dresser drawer in her spare bedroom.. but the colors and the scraps had me smitten from the start.  I just love it.. It was pieced by her mother, I think, and contains fabrics from the 30's to the 50's and more.  I badgered my grandma about getting it out and quilting it until she finally agreed, just two or three years before she passed.  I helped her hand quilt it, as well as one of my cousins, and probably a few more helpers that I don't know of. :)  I think it lives at my uncle's house now in MO.  It's just about my favorite quilt of all time.

 I love this pic of my son and my  grandmother sitting on it. :)

This is not a very good picture, but this is my other all time favorite quilt.. also hand quilted by my grandmother, and my mom, and some other family members, probably.  I didn't know how to hand quilt at the time, so I didn't help with this one.  But, this one has so many pieces.  Some of the blocks are hand pieced and some of them machine pieced.  I think this one was made by my grandmother's aunt, Aunt Rose.. I don't know when, but it was also one of the tops that my grandma had in her dresser drawer for years and years before she quilted it.  I think Aunt Rose lived from 1895-1971. I see some 30's prints in this one, too.  And I'm so, so honored that my grandmother gave this quilt to me.  A couple of years before she passed, she told me that she thought I would cherish it the most and she wanted me to have it.  But not to tell anyone else (we have a big family), because she didn't want anyone to get their feelings hurt.  She was the sweetest woman I'll likely ever know.  This quilt has a special place in our home and my heart.

Inspirational Quilts

Look at this quilt, London 2012, by Nanette @ Freda's HiveI could look at it for hours on end and never get tired of it. She made it in honor of the Olympics and it celebrates all things British.. from the London Eye, the phone booths, tea cups, egg cups, the Queen, crown jewels.. so many things to look at.  The details are amazing! Freda's Hive was probably one of the first quilting blogs that I started stalking a long LONG time ago.  Years before I ever thought of having my own blog.  I love to read about what she's sewing and what she's been up to.  Go to this post to read about the quilt. *swoon*  And for more pictures of it.

Do you save selvages? I could look at this quilt *swoon*  It's by Jacquie @ Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  Here's a link to the post with lots more pics. *double swoon* Genius! This is the quilt that inspired me to save selvages.  It's slow going for me, so if you have any you'd like to send my way, just let me know. ;) And the quilting on it is so outstanding! Wow!

Favorites I've Made

Self designed and hand quilted for my son..I drew several things and shapes that he was into when he was three years old, including tracing his hands and feet, and quilted them all in the white strips. It is twin size and he loves to sleep under it.


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