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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Buster and Coffee with a Canine

Click below to view:

Buster at Coffee with a Canine

Today is Buster's day to be featured at the Coffee with a Canine blog. :)  If you're a dog lover, head over there and take a look.  On the left sidebar, you can scroll through the past entries and click on just about any breed of dog you could think of.  Fun to check them out.  I love all kinds of dogs, but this one has my heart at the moment..


Crystal said...

hey! Found your blog through Coffee and a Canine! Me and my dog Pinch (under "miniature pinschers" or "daschunds") were featured on the site about a month ago too :)

Buster is a big beautiful boy, and I've always loved Newfoundlands (maybe because I'm Canadian lol). Give him a pat for me!

jen said...

Great interview! I love Buster in the lampshade collar! He looks so happy!

AmyJo said...

Beautiful Newfoundland !! Give him a pet and a doggie bone for me :)

Melody said...

Buster is just so beautiful.

AHHHHH I LOVE BUSTER!!!! And I am going to go check this blog out!

Thanks for coming over to

I am in love with your blog! You are so cute!!!!
I wish I could quilt I want a queen size one for my bed I have always dreamed of it. I got a small throw size one for my wedding! Such beautiful thigns!!!!

Thanks again :)

Oh and I read your disney post about the salt and pepper shakers soooooooooo cute!

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