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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Bustery post..

I just finished answering and sending back the questions for the "COFFEE WITH A CANINE" site.  So, with Buster on my mind.. 
...I thought I would post about a little project I did with my son the other day. 
 When we were visiting my inlaws about a month ago, we happened into a little pet shop called "Paws-a-rotti" and ended up picking up a little box of treat mix.  Kind of like cake mix, but better.  You just add water!  Mix it up and roll out the dough..
Cut them into fun shapes..

And bam! Homemade dog treats.  But then what to do with them to store them?  Well, I had seen this little number in my favorite little gift boutique in town, but ACK!  It was $65..  

It was Arthur Court, but still.  It's for dog treats.  But I LOVED it.  So I went in search of a cheap one.  No luck.  But what I did find was this "penny jar" at Target for $5.77--for the big one!  Brought it home, and changed out the knob with a bone shaped knob that I happened to have already stored somewhere in the garage--?? Go figure.. and VOILA!  

It's not the Arthur Court one, but I love it!  And it cost less than $6!  And it's uniquely Buster's.  And did I mention that I saved $59?!  Pays to be a cheap-skate sometimes. :)  

P.S. The treat mix was 50% off! :)


jen said...

That is very cute! I am going to have to check our Target out for one of those! Right now I have the dog treats in a snowman cookie jar:)

sunny said...

Great ideas - for the jar and for something to do with your son! You've given me an idea. . . .

ga447 said...

I love Target, you can't go wrong there.

bichonpawz said...

Given a choice I think I could actually LIVE at Target! I love that place! How cool is it that you got the mix on sale and then found that jar! Buster is adorable!

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