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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Do I dare?

Do I dare ... pay it forward?  I have only been in blogland for about a week here, and I signed up for:

with Miche'le. This will be so much fun!  For many reasons.   Getting a package in the mail.. who doesn't love that?!  And something handmade just for you.. by a new friend.. from New Zealand.. who is a "Proud Chocoholic" according to the badge on her blog.. my kinda girl! :)(I tried to link it here, but I'm not so good at that yet..will keep learning as I go.) And I get to make things for three people! :) Okay, so the rules are:

1) I will make some goodies for the first three people who would like to join in…… It will be a surprise and will arrive when you least expect it.
2) I will have 365 days to to do it in …………Where is the catch? to get a handmade present from me you have to play too! This means you pledge to send something to three readers of your blog. It does not have to be stitching or knitting just handmade.
3) You must have a blog. Once you receive your little something you must post about your Pay it forward on your blog to keep the fun going - be sure to use the Pay it forward badge.
So If you would like to play “Pay It Forward”….please leave me a comment.

Okay, here's where I may need some help new blog friends.  There are only 8 of you, and I know for sure that one isn't crafty at all.  Except for making paper chains--you know who you are. :)  And the others may already be participating, so I might need some shout outs to help me get three people to play with.

Oh, this is going to be fun!


Pia said...

I dare :-)
Would love to be one of your PIF's

sunny said...

I'd love to play along, but I'm already involved in a PIF, and am making my gifties this week! Good luck.

There you go, Pia wants to join in and before you know it you will have three. Good luck, I'm looking forward to making something for you - oh and yes, I am a chocoholic my hip size is proof of that, LOL.

JoAnne said...

Sure, I will too!

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