Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun Craft Project

A while back, I bought this book..

One evening, when I just felt like I needed to do something creative, I pulled out some extra fabric left over from a quilt project and made this CD pocket from the "On the Go" chapter.  It came together very quickly and was so much fun.

I sewed a loop of red grosgrain ribbon on the top and it hangs over the gear shift in our vehicle.  Mostly it holds my son's CD's.  Stories and children's music that he likes to listen to while riding along. It is double sided so it will hold 12 CD's.  You can also adapt it to fit on your visor, but I wanted to be able to use both sides.

You can probably guess that the quilt project that it was left over from was for my son. :)  Of course.  Long live the sock monkeys!

Here's the quilt, along with a couple of other pictures of the process:

This is the original quilt pattern for a baby quilt, but my baby was two and growing, so I thought he wouldn't be able to use it much if I didn't make it bigger.. plus, I wanted to add to it and make it my own version of the pattern, so I started adding things.. seems like I do that alot! 

I started adding strips and borders and squares, and it got bigger and wider and by the time I stopped it was almost the exact size as a twin sheet.  It's on his bed as I sit here tonight. :)

Here is how it wound up.  I'm still in love with sock monkey fabric.  I still have quite a bit of cream with yellow bananas that I got for the backing but decided against.. and quite a bit of the really busy monkey print (CD case) that I only used in the thin border around the outside. I thought that would be the backing, but it was so busy, I decided to use the dark brown yarn print that's on the front of the quilt in the center part.  I loved quilting that one, b/c I loved the monkeys, and I loved that my little monkey liked to sit in a chair next to me and drive his hot wheels on the borders b/c they were "roads". It's not quite finished in this picture..

My little man, playing..

"Little Mickey sit on Big Mickey's lap. Watch Mommy kilt."

Another day, I found "doggie puppet" had been placed strategically, so that he could watch me "kilt", too. :)

This is also the year that I had to get reading glasses.. and someone kept stealing them off of the quilt frame.

But who could be mad at this little dimple?

Aw.. this brought back some sweet memories.  Now he is making up rhymes, and being sassy, and starting Kindergarten next year. 


These are such wonderful photos to treasure...what a cutie pie!

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