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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My muse..

Muse: A guiding spirit; a source of inspiration.

My muse: 

When he was a few months old, I started making him some bibs.. I would back them with chenille so they were extra absorbent, and could also be used as a rag in a pinch. I found a great site to get chenille and minky fabric from.

While ordering chenille from there, I found cammo minky.  Ahh, so soft and cuddly.  So I ordered some and made a blanket for my baby, out of minky, backed with chenille.  Making it pretty warm, and durable.  So basic.  A rectangle, sewn right sides together and turned.  

Then I got some 29 cent sheets of felt and drew out some letters and machine appliqued them on.

Then I thought I'd add a monkey.. (what is it with me and monkeys?) But it turned out to look more like a bear.  ??  So .. it's a bear.  Yah, a bear.  (Don't tell anyone it was a monkey.) :)  I used the left over felt pieces, and appliqued them on and got some eye buttons.

And now it's one of our "durable" blankies.  It made a good play mat before he could walk, it's been everywhere with us, it's big enough to use on the couch as a lap quilt, and the letters are still intact, even after several washings!  Which is a miracle, since that was sort of an experiment.  And it's super warm.

It's one of those "comfort" things that are just nice to hold onto if you're not feeling good.  Soooo soft.  

Thanks to my muse for giving me the courage to throw caution to the wind and try new things, even if I think I'm not very good at them!  Creativity is good for the soul. :)


It's amazing to have that one person who inspires you to just be better. And he's such an adorable Muse! Love the blanket- it looks easy enough that even I couldn't mess it up!

sunny said...

Ah yes - creativity is so good for the soul, I love trying new things, and stretching my skills. IT looks like you've been quite successful.

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