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Friday, August 12, 2011

Puppy Fever

Some people get "baby fever".  But I seem to have a full blown case of puppy fever.  Buster's parents just had another litter 3 weeks ago.  And the puppies.. oh, the puppies are soooo cute.  To die for cute! (keep in mind that they grow up to be the size of miniature ponies.)

Are they just the cutest?!  *sigh* (excuse me while I slap myself in the face and come to my senses.) 

We are NOT getting another dog!  We are NOT.  Not.  I will keep telling myself this.  But aren't they cute?

Look at tiny little Buster on the day we brought him home:

And one of my most favorite pictures of all time..that is one happy little boy bringing home his new dog.

Best friends..

Okay, one dog really is enough.


One may be enough but two would be awesome, hehe

Pia said...

OMG cute all over :-)
Think I should be happy living across the Big Sea.
Especially love the very last picture.
Hugs Pia

One dog is never enough....I think I am in love...LOL

Karen said...

L-o-v-e the pictures. The doggies are adorable!

jen said...

Every time I see a Newfy puppy my heart drops! There is nothing better in the whole world than a Newf pup! Sherman is going to hopefully be siring a litter this fall and I am having a hard time holding myself back from getting another pup....already having 2 intact males makes it kind of difficult to bring in another one!
Just so you know I once said 1 Newf was enough and look where I am today! They are addicting!
Buster was such a cute fluff ball! It's amazing how fast they grow!

joe tulips said...

The pillowcases are all so cute. The I spy quilt is a treasure!... and your bear, I mean dog, is adorable!

Nic said...

Awwww... Now I want one :)

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