Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend in Santa Rosa

My inlaws live in Santa Rosa, and each time we go there, it seems, we find something new or fun that we hadn't known about before. This weekend, we spent three beautiful and relaxing days with them, and my son got some quality grandparent time. :)

Here is the overview:

My husband was not filled with the Holy Ghost on Sunday, but he was filled with the Holy Roast.  What a cute coffee shop and a great name.  It was all "homey" inside with leather couches and chairs.   *Joking aside.. we did attend a small church and hear a great message on "Honoring one another" on Sunday, which was so uplifting and encouraging! :)

We found yet another bike shop that my husband loves! This town is full of them.. a very bike friendly town.  My husband is into road biking so he likes to look at all that kind of technical stuff. I love to look at the beach cruisers.  I picked up this brochure. Great colors.  Love them!  I have an orange cruiser but I wouldn't mind having a pink or minty green one. :)

Then we happened upon this cupcakery.. SIFT.  They were featured on an episode of Food Network's Cupcake Wars show and WON!  I love to watch that show, so we got a few to take back to my inlaws for a tasting.
How pretty are they? I think the KeyLime was my favorite.. the pink one was Cotton Candy.  It was really good too.  They were all delicious.  And the box was adorable.

My husband and son helped my FIL put up a bird feeder in their front yard.. and Austin and Buster enjoyed the gardening..

We played a fun game of TOPPLE with my MIL..

We stopped at the LQS, called the Quilted Vine..  I picked up a new pattern, my son picked out fabric for a pillow case, and I picked up a ric-rac fat quarter. :)

And my sweet MIL gave me this..an almost entire bolt, it looks like, of quilting cotton that she picked up at Goodwill for about $5!  She is so thoughtful.

We really had a great weekend.. rolling hillsides of grapes, redwood trees, the marine layer rolling in at night and then burning off during the day giving way to sun and mild temperatures.. it was so nice!  Then we drove home to the valley, and my son and I rushed off to our previously scheduled dental appts. Bam! Back to reality. :/  But we sure had a great time while it lasted! :)


I haven't been to Stanta Rosa yet. How cool to get cupcakes that have been featured on a show. I like the new pattern, and your son's pillowcase will be adorable! Lucky girl getting that whole bolt. Wonderful find on your MIL's part.

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