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Monday, September 26, 2011

Back from vacation in time to enter a giveaway..

Check out this giveaway!  Sweet fabrics.. what's not to love?  

Fighting off the post vacation blues.  ha!  Working on getting all of the laundry caught up.  Went grocery shopping this morning while little man was at preschool.. house needs cleaning.  Dog is picked up from kennel..

Had a great time at the House of Mouse.. now trying to get back into the everyday routine.  Then hopefully I will be able to have some Q-time with my sewing machine.  Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post.  I have four more blocks to square up and put orange borders on, hopefully I can get to it soon.

Until next time Mickey.. *sigh*

P.S.  I just removed the Disney ticker that was counting down to our trip from the top of my page, and ohhhhh.. it was painful!! **gulp--sniff**


Melody said...

Great to have you back.

glad you all had a great time. Now you have recharged your batteries ready for your next creative spurt.

Maria said...

Pleased you had a wonderful time.
Won't take long to get back into the swing iof things and start creating.

Welcome back home Kell!

It never takes long after a trip away for the normal routine to settle in, the likes of washing ironging cooking and cleaning!

Salley said...

Ha Ha! Back from hol's and time to retreat to the Dinudio!!!!!! any more UFO's to deal with? Love the ironing board cover. Happy sewing.

Remington said...

Welcome back! It's hard to get back into a regluar routine....

It is so hard to leave Mickey & Minnie! I feel your pain. But...selfishly, I'm glad you are back!

I miss your little counter thing too. Glad you had a good time. I love the little pillowcase you made. I just bought fabric today for some - then realized I didn't get enough for trim and a band. I thought about just doing a band - but seeing your be so cute; No Way! I need both so back to the store I go! hehehe!!

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