Saturday, September 3, 2011

Easy Weekend Treat--Recipe

Actually, I'm not sure it is a recipe.  All I know is what my neighbor Barbara told me when I had these at her house when she had a going away party for another neighbor that was moving...

These are the ingredients:

I spray my muffin tin with Pam, just in case.

So you take your premade chocolate chip cookie dough..

and flatten ea. square into a little patty of goodness and fill your muffin tin like so..just lay them in the bottom.

Now the best part, and perfect if you have kids.. this is the easiest, least messy baking project to do with them.. nestle a mini Reese's in ea. one.  

Don't press too hard,just sit it on top and tap it down a little.

Now press the remaining squares into little patties and lay over the top of the Reese's..

Keep going until they are all covered.. the cookie dough I bought had 24 cookies in it, so it was the perfect amount for my 12 count muffin tin.

Throw them in the oven.. I did 350 degrees (F), they will puff up like so..

The tricky part is knowing how long to cook them.. I took them out too soon and they were so doughy I had to put them back in so some of them looked kind of messy.  Make sure you cook them until they are pretty brown on top.  You probably need about 25 minutes give or take.  At first I  did 15 and it wasn't nearly enough.  I put them back in for 10 more and that was about right. They will sink down in the center after you take them out.  Let them cool before removing them from the muffin tin.

And then you have 12 of these yummies!!  So easy and so fast, and so great to do with a little one.  No mess, easy things for them to do, and a great treat. :)
Also great if you need something super fast to take to a function or something.

YUM!!! :) Excuse me while I go gain a pound or two. ;)


Winona said...

Hi Kelli, looks like a great recipe, but I am trying to lose weight, so will refrain from making it for the time being. LOL I just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I was the other winner over on Linda's blog. I came, looked around your blog, and liked what I saw. So I am a new follower. I will be back. Cute as a button little boy and great dog too.

Michelle said...

MMmmm they look very tempting... I too am trying to lose weight(are any of us ever happy with our weight;o)but I may try them out anyway! Thanks for sharing!

Toni said...

Those look great! And very fun for the kids to make. Thanks!

Susan said...

Kelli, I have been small blogging and found you. I went thru your blog so here I go, Your first quilt from your clothes is wonderful, I did the same thing (gulp) back in the late 70's, with my high school stuff,Nothing as nice, mine just squares. The goodwill Club 49 quilt awesome. I would keep a journal with the history of the quilt and why you added to it,with it. By the way I am from MO now IN but have no clue where Dora is. Your little boy is adorable!!! Love the thrift shop finds. My LQC just did a challenge using recycled mens shirts. Do you have a link for the hexie paper? Thanks for these little yummy choco PB treats, This is my hubby favorite combo. Yep will be trying this for him. Goanna follow and can't wait to see what you do next.

I will need to try this recipe - the weather cooled off finally it is 50 deg this morning so I can start cooking again. It has been 100's.

Peggy said...

What a perfect camping recipe - must remember this one!

Karmen said...

Those look so yummy, and your assistant is precious! Karmen

Cat said...

oh me oh my I had an American bloggy friend send me Reeses peanut butter easter egg and I was in chocolate HEAVEN decadant ohlalalal
Thanks for stopping by my blog xx

Now they look so yummy, but am going to have to try and convert American ingredients into English ones in order to try and make some.

Am just wondering, how many pounds did you gain ?? I would have got into double figures, LOL

Anonymous said...

ooh these are just what I need! what a fab idea! I'm going to make these to bring to church next time we have a potluck!
Thanks for visiting my blog and following me :-)

Daisy, from Lazy Daisy Quilts Podcast

We were separated at birth! I make these with premade phyllo dough cups...they look fancy. These look smooshy and yummy. Damn you I have to be a Bridesmaid soon!!!

bichonpawz said...

These look really good! I love easy recipes like this!!! Great for those last minute snacks! Hugs to Buster!!

I had to laugh at your "Excuse me while I gain a pound or two." Honestly, these look good and I'm not a chocolate chip cookie eater! I would enjoy making them with the kids. And woudn't people be impressed if I brought these to a get together?

Anonymous said...

I have 6 grandchildren! Wonderful idea for my little munchkins! Thanks~

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