Friday, September 2, 2011

A Friday Finish!

It's not a big finish, but baby steps...

Another hexie flower!  If two flowers count for a garden, then my garden is growing. :)

Just to prove it's not the same one, here she is next to her sister.

I am NOT a hexaholic though.  I only make them for recreation and can stop at anytime.. I think.  Although, the second one came about after a stressful afternoon, and I found myself wanting to come upstairs and be alone and make little hexagons.. I guess you could call that a craving.  Uh oh. Everyone was soo right! It's so relaxing to make them.

In Bustery news.. remember how you felt as a little kid when you saw one of these in the store?

I think Buster felt that way when he saw this..

..the biggest rawhide bone on the planet earth!  He finally figured out a way to lay on the couch and chew on it at the same time.  He's a good problem solver. :)

Happy Friday everyone, and especially my new friends from the small blog meet.  I had so much fun participating and meeting all of you!


P.S.  Great giveaway opportunity over at Melody's for her one year blog anniversary coming up.. check it out!

Melody's giveaway... CLICK HERE!

P.P.S.  If anyone would like to participate in a "Pay It Forward", head over here and see Rebecca Lynne, she needs 3 people!

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jen said...

LOL! That is one HUGE rawhide and I bet it was made just for Newfies!
Buster is so talented to figure out how to be comfy and enjoy a snack all at the same time!

Nic said...

Aww, he is just so cute!
Nice hexies too, but Buster steals the show :)

I have never seen such a huge chew - Archie would be in heaven (and wouldn't get any tea for days, I think that's at least a week's food!). Love the hexies but it does sound like you're on the start of a slippery slope!!

Buster is so smart!! Love the photo :D Your hexie flowers are beautiful and yes, you know have a garden!!

Unknown said...

I love your exagons and I love your clever dog, very clever! hugs

HAHAHAAA! You are a riot. Um so hexies...I'm suffering through that too right now. How in Hades am I going to PUT them all together once the blocks are done? Really? Come on...

Kathy said...

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a large dog posed with a food conundrum!
Now as for hexies...the hex part is spot on, I think I am under a spell, thought he jury is re whether that's a good or bad thing!

Marianne said...

I am going to love visiting your blog if you keep posting great shots of Buster

oh and your hexies are great. I like that they have random petals.

Hexies are very relaxing I agree, and yours look great Kelli...LOL to your boy Buster, smart boy.....LOL...

Buster is awesome...LOL.

Why do you have a cupcake at the top of your page? That is so cruel. Just kidding. just might start getting addicted soon. Wait til you start envisioning your stash as fussy cut flowers...

Sandy said...

In my opinion, hand sewing is the best therapy!

I just love Buster. It'll be interesting to watch him carry his rawhide through a door. If there is anything left after his chew session on the couch!
We had a 1/2 collie mix named Lom. He had a bone like that. He tried to carry it horizontally through the door. Of course, that did not work. It took him several times to figure out the best way was to move his head sideways and put one end through first. I miss him so much.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh... a new blogger buddy and I find HEXIES ! ! !
I'm doomed!!! They have been on my list for a while but haven't started as yet.... sigh. I have heard they are like potato chips, you know. ;-)

Whoa! Buster is quite a dog... compared to our Winston. I had to show his pic to hubby!

So nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting me, too!
Have a wonderful weekend...Karen

Maria said...

LOL I told you Kelli that the hexies ARE addictive.

Clever boy Buster.

What a clever pooch!!!!

Yes....the ole hexagons....I prepped some more yesterday....handy...for the ready...when needed...I may take mine upstairs too!!!!

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