Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So last week, when I made my first hexie, my son had some kind of stomach virus that kept him upstairs in bed all day.  For a 4 y.o., that's pretty bad.  He was down and out.  I stayed upstairs with him most of the day with only the occasional trip downstairs to get something or throw some laundry in.  That's when I decided I needed something to do with my hands.  I sewed my first hexie. Sitting on the bed next to my sick baby. :(  It took him a couple of days to get back to normal. 

Fast forward to today.  

I thought I wasn't feeling well b/c I had skipped breakfast.  We rushed out the door this a.m. to the Dr. for him to get his 4th HIb shot for preschool which starts next week, then to the barbershop for a haircut (traumatic morning for him) and then to his gymnastics class.  Long story short, had to pull him out of his class and come home b/c it seems that Mommy is coming down with the same virus.  Sucking violently on the Tootsie Pop that the barber gave my son as a treat was the only thing that kept me from throwing up on the drive home. (I will steal candy from a small child if I absolutely HAVE TO!) NOT. FUN.  I spent the rest of the day being intermittently hot and then freezing cold, as in 3 quilts over me and still cold.. but was able to keep down some dinner.  So hopefully my case is more mild than my son's. And hopefully my husband isn't next.  He spent the day today being #1 Dad, holding the fort down so I could sleep. I am feeling hexed by the hexies.  Is my husband going to get sick next Tuesday?  Just in time for one flower wednesday again?  Hope not.  Because I am really enjoying making them. :) (Excuse the over sharing and graphic view into our homelife-;)

Before I got sick, I managed to make one more.. now I have 3. :)  Pardon the dark pictures.

I just wanted to check in with Blogland and keep my mind off of feeling yucky.  I enjoy reading all of your posts, and will try to catch up and leave some comments when I am all the way over this.

Happy One Flower Wednesday!


Hennie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nata said...

Schöne Blumen hast du gemacht, trotz allem!
Ich wünsche dir eine gute Besserung, werde schnell wieder gesund und lass dich trösten - alle anderen sind vom Hexiesnähen nicht krank geworden ;o)

Liebe Grüße aus Norddeutschland!

It's no fun with those nasty stomach bugs go through everyone in the house :(
Great flower - another wonderful addition to your garden.

Teresa F. said...

How brave of you to sew such lovely flowers with all those nasty things happening to you and your son. I hope your feeling better now.

Jann said...

Such pretty colors! Hope you are all feeling much better soon!

Kathy said...

Hope you are feeling well by now Kelli :)

Maria said...

Hope you get over your tummy bug soon. Nothing worse. Yuk!!!

Sew nice to see you did manage to add a Flower to your garden.
Told you they are addictive, LOL.

Karen said...

Wishing you well soon, your flowers are beautiful!

Hilachas said...

Your flowers are beautiful. Hope everyone gets well soon and those that are well, stay well.

Hennie said...

I love your flowers ! ! !

Gr Hennie.

Lola said...

Very soothing...love it

Hope you're feeling better...love the colors of your flowers!

Sending quilty love and get well wishes for EVERYONE!!! I certainly don't like to have a sick hubby at home, they are worse than the babies!
But look at what cute hexie flowers you have to look at, those would make ANYONE feel better!!!

sunny said...

So sorry to hear you're unwell. Get better soon! It's not the hexies that are making you sick, so don't give up on them - you're doing a beautiful job.

Kris said...

Kelli - I hope you are feeling better!! Be sure to take as good of care of you as you do your son!! And I think your first group of Hexies are wonderful!! Kris

KellyS said...

Blah! I hope you are feeling better and your husband stays well. My husband swears by Airborne, but with two toddlers that are in a mommy's-morning-out one day every other week, he's exposed to a lot of kid viruses. So far he has been doing good (he usually takes this stuff daily, and believe me it is not cheap, but if it works)... but of course I don't think the gruesome twosome have really been sick at all this summer either... so, who knows if it is the Airborne or not!

Your hexies look wonderful! I am thinking I will need that soon, twin toddlers and a new baby.... yikes, I will need mommy quiet time!

Hope you are feeling well soon! Your hexies are beautiful...and definite bright spot during a not so great time. :)

Melody said...

Lovely hexie flowers. So sorry to hear to have been sick. Hope you feel so much better very soon.

quiltmania said...

Nothing like a few hexs to make you feel better!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad your boy is feeling better, but sorry you are now sick~

Your hexs are really pretty~!

yuck, that's no fun! cute hexie flowers :D

Feel better soon! Take care and rest lots!

Karen said...

A big yuck that you have been feeling poorly. Hope you are soon back in the pink again.

The photo of the hexie flower mixed in with real flowers is a unique picture. Creative thought.

Get well soon! Cute hexies! They are addictive and a great thing to make on the sofa while everyone is watching TV.

Yuck yuck---you can keep the nasty stuff and not send it my way!

Sandy said...

The hex flowers look great. I hope you feel better soon!

LuAnn said...

Your flowers look beautiful. Hope you all feel better soon!

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