Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Hexi-plan :)

After posting my hexie flowers for One Flower Wednesday yesterday, and my idea for what I might do with them, I had a comment from: 

Archie the Wonder Dog asking me if this was the kind of quilt I had in mind... by I'm a Ginger Monkey..

Well, not exactly.  I love that one, but that is quite a lot of hexie.  I was thinking of maybe trailing them across a quilt top, whereas that one has a lot of them taking up most of the middle of the quilt.  So I set out to make a sketch of my idea with my basic paint program again.  

This is kind of how I would like it to be, I think.  Maybe on a solid brown background.. or another color, that's up for debate once I have all of them done. I was thinking about even making some tiny ones (gasp!--I must really be addicted!) to go in the opposite corners.  Anyway, this is my rough idea:

Actually, I think I like the bright colors in the paint program better. ha!  Here I sit on the computer, when I should be packing for Disney!  Just can't wrap my mind around it yet. I'm more of a procrastinator last minute packer.  I think since it's almost Thursday, I will play Thursday Think Tank with Making Rebecca Lynne.  

Happy Thursday!  

Is it really going to be Thursday?! Aye!  I need to get moving. :)


Wendy said...

Your hexie flowers are looking really lovely and I like your original quilt idea, very clever!

Kelli I love that mock up!! How cool! Now you have to do it because that is going to rock. Now please pack I can hear Mickey saying "uh oh" and then a giggle over your procrastination!

Good Morning Kelli - I've just spent a pleasant while wandering around your blog and hoping for a fabulous time at Disneyland. I've been there, once, and loved it; it's more magical than Disney World. Time is getting shorter, you must have your to-do list writ in stone, eh? -smile-
Love the family at the bottom of your blog...pilot, nurse, miracle, beast...cute!

I love your plan - can't wait to see it develop! I know all about the solid debate - did it yesterday, with a little help from my friends! Have a great time at Disney, now GO AND PACK!! or you will be wandering round in just your pants (knickers)!

Erica said...

Love your quilt idea! Also, thanks for pointing us to Thursday Think Tank. I think I may join that little weekly linky party. I hope you have a blast on your vacation!

Myra said...

You play in Paint like I do!! lol...

I think your plan for your Hexis is wonderful! I'll be watching to see...

Procrastination is my middle name! It will all come together and you'll have a great time!

Happy travels, and thanks for you visit to my blog! 8-)

It looks like it would be great! There's something cosmic about it (or is that just me??!) like a constellation!

Love you plan, it's very creative!

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