Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's almost here!

Has anyone seen the Disney ticker at the top of my page?  I mean, really LOOKED at it!  It is down to 6.. SIX.. DAYS!!!  We leave Saturday morning, and in the last two weeks my son had the stomach flu, then I got the stomach flu, thought I was recovered enough to go to the Greek Festival on Friday afternoon.. NOT.  Still no appetite really, got WAY too hot, and overheated and wound up dizzy and dehydrated and totally scared myself!  Total setback. :(

But look at the quilt I saw there (and purchased a couple of raffle tickets for)..

made by a local quilt guild.  And I'm sitting at home taking 9 years to stitch a hexie flower! Look at all that applique.

Since then, I've just been taking it easy, and trying to rest and recover.  This is one brutal bug. My appetite is still sketchy and I am wiped out!  But feeling a little better every day.  This is a good thing to do while sitting around feeling crummy..

..three more.  Very scrappy looking, but trying to stick with the fabrics I have to work with and make them kind of random.

My son starts preschool this week, my SIL's father just had open heart surgery today, still trying to find some energy, need to do laundry, there's no food in the house, the dog is going to have to be dropped off at the kennel on Friday.. and the packing.  Can't leave without packing.. oh, I'm tired now.  I want to play with these..

..or sleep.  Sleep would be nice.


Michelle said...

Hi Kelli!! Thanks for stopping by my bog!! Sorry I haven't posted lately, its been crazy with moving!! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli! You need to settle down and then make a priority list! I, too, get distracted (most days, really) but some things can wait 'til you get back. Your trip sounds wonderful... and congrats to the folks for their 50th!

I hope you win the quilt, too... it is beautiful!

Love your hexies... I am seeing them everywhere and... oh, my... I think I just may... well, we shall see! ;-O

Take good care! ...Karen

Sounds like you need to make a list and rope in some helpers...take care and try not to overdo it - have a great time at Disney!

I woke up this morning thinking "Is this the day Kelli is going to Disneyland?" LOL!! Okay you have a week. Plenty of time to get well. Packing only takes a hour or two. And you already have a place for doggie - take some chew toys and a bed. (ask first if you can/should. And have fun at Disneyland, er I mean Disneyworld!! I'm so happy for you that you get to go.

Hahahahaa I was wondering when you were going to comment on that! Whew hew - LESS THAN A WEEK!!! Maybe you got sick last week so that you'll be healthy as a horse for Disney. Yes!

I'm so sorry you were sick- I completely understand your wanting to do stuff and having no energy to do it. Use your time to feel better, so that you can enjoy Disney!

I love Disney :)

You are getting hooked on Hexies. Yes you are!

Maria said...

What fun to go to Disneyland. Looking forward to pics when you return.
Nice Hexie Flowers Kelli.

So cool! I will probably go to Disneyworld in 2014. Maybe I should get a ticker ;-) I think you will get your energy back right on time! Feel better!

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