Thursday, September 29, 2011

My FIRST Giveaway!!! Spread the word!

Computer Software plus
a little FABRIC bonus!!!

I'm soooo excited!  After we got back from DisneyWorld, as in the next day, I was contacted by Liz @

and asked to host a giveaway and post a review for this really cool scrapbooking, photo book making, greeting card or calendar making, all around very useful and easy to use software program.  What perfect timing.  I have something like 500 pics from our trip. 

Soo, I downloaded the program, very simple to do, and last night, I made these 3 pages with it.

You can print them out and put them into a traditional scrapbook, you can have all of your pages put into a bound photo book, you can even have them all put on a CD that you can send to family or friends to share.  You can also incorporate video into your projects.  I am thinking some of these things would make great gifts.  Plus, if you ever want to purchase other templates, they are pretty economical.. there are other free downloads in the store, and some that are just a buck or two, etc.  

So many ways you can use the software.  And if I could figure it out, ANYBODY can.  I'm looking forward to exploring the other features, such as card making and calendar making.  You can also just print several pictures onto one page with lots of background paper designs.  There is so much that you can do, I haven't even scratched the surface.  

You could even use it to make a portfolio book of your finished quilts!  And it can be yours --the My Memories Suite program,a $40 value-- ..FREE!!

Plus, as a little thank you bonus for my blog friends, I'm going to throw in these sweet little fat quarters that have just been languishing in my stash (ahem..closet) for quite a while. I have a thing about collecting random fat quarters.. ;)  Maybe some of you have a project, or know someone who does, that could give these a nice home.

Also, I have this Mary Englebreit panel from the Recipe for Friendship collection that needs a nice loving home.  I love the bright colors and I love her art!

Would you like to win a very cool computer software program with endless possibilities plus a little bonus prize?

You can have up to five entries. Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

  • Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment telling me you did..
  • Visit the My Memories page and tell me your favorite digital paper pack or layout..
  • Become a follower of my blog, or if you already are (Thank you!) leave a comment telling me so..
  • Leave a comment telling me where you live..(LOVE having blog friends all over the world!)
  • BONUS entry:  Leave a comment telling me about your most embarrassing moment (that you're willing to share, anyway).. we'll all get to know each other better and maybe have some laughs along the way. :) (I will share mine--one of them anyway-- tomorrow.. it's a doozy.) 
For my readers who don't win.. I will be posting a coupon code worth $20 ($10 of which you can use to purchase the program, and $10 which you could use in the My Memories store on accessories) when I announce the winner --WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 5th!!

Please enter friends.. so that my first giveaway doesn't have zero entries. haha! :)


quiltmania said...

Good for you, hosting a giveaway! Of course I follow you. The Scrapbooking software looks cool. I'll have to check it out a little further.

sunny said...

I'm a follower! Was I first?

sunny said...

And although I was born and raised in South Dakota, I've lived in Maryland (USA) for many, many years.

Rain said...

I'm a follower now-this is the best give-away EVER!! I'm a scrapper for a long time!! Please enter me!!

Rain said...

One of my most embarrassing times was trying to get out of a kayak-many people around-60 yrs old-never kayaked before and just couldn't get my ass up!! Especially when we all got laughing so hard!!

Rain said...

Kelli--I live all the way over on the other side of the country from you--small village and farmland of Orrington, Maine!!

I was at my boyfriend's house way back in high school. We got in a terrible fight and I ran out to my car and backed up really fast trying to show him just how mad I was...and then I hit the basketball hoop and it came out of the ground on top of my car. I tried frantically to get it off my car, but couldn't so I had to go back in the house to get my bf and his dad to help me move it...course they laughed hysterically. That bf and I will be married 17 years this Saturday! :) Good thing I went back inside.

Rain said...

Checked the My Memories page and really liked the Halloween pack and the apple designed page!! You can see I really want to win this!!

Rain said...

Wow Kelli--enter me again!! I figured out how to link from my blog to yours!!!

I'm already a follower! i want those fat quarters!! love me some 30's prints :D

Also, I'm from kansas city, Mo :D

embarrassing moment... hmmm... a month or so ago my roommate went out with some pals to celebrate someone's bday. he ended up bringing like 7 people back to my house, where i was quilting in my pajamas in the dining room and there was fabric and quitly mess EVERYWHERE. plus, ya know, i'm like 25 and they all looked at me like i was insane!

with halloween around the corner (and one of my fav holidays!) i'm liking the carving pumpkins combo pack.

Jennifer Gail commented that her fav was Beautiful Blossom Clusters, and for some reason it showed up as spam and I accidentally deleted it. Argh! So I'm writing it in again for her here so she gets all of her entries. Sorry Jen! Did NOT mean for that to happen!

bichonpawz said...

I am your newest follower! Actually I thought I had done that last week...but apparently not!! Very cool software did a great job on the pages!

bichonpawz said...

Oh! Probably should mention...I live in New York!

Okay well you KNOW I am a follower. Not a poser, but definitely a follower. :p

I live in New York, Western New York to be exact. There is MORE to New York than the city. Hahahhaaa!

Embarrassing moment? I am totally drawing a blank here. Hahahhaa, okay wait, no I know. This is so hilarious and very embarrassing - once upon a time, a long long time ago when I was in High School I was on a very intensive Ecology Class field trip camping in the bush of South Africa. Only 20 of us were allowed to attend and we were split up into groups of 10. Because we could not really carry a lot of food with us we ate a lot of canned tomatoes and beans...this was really getting to my stomach as I do not like tomatoes and beans well you know what beans do. Anyway, one night, in the pitch black, with only one fire to light the circle for the person assigned to keep watch for wild animals, as we all lay down to sleep, mostly cuddled up because it got cold at night, so close together...I passed gas. Loudly. Oh, right, I mentioned that this was high school but did I failed to point out that this was a very small trip with some of the cutest boys in school? Riiight. Yup. Pretty embarrassing. Then we all laughed so hard I think most of us peed our pants too! God I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it now!!!

Okay Kelli how was that. ;)

There's so much choice on their site and I haven't narrowed it down to one...the owl things are very cute but how could it be anything other than one of the doggy ones?!! Thanks for the giveaway!

I live in the UK - on the north-east coast which is unseasonably warm for the end of September!!

Peggy said...

What a fabulous give-away! I'm already a follower, and of course I'll share this wonderful chance with my blogger friends! Thanks for the chances!

JustPam said...

One recent embarrassing moment happened when I went to the store. I roll my jeans up at home to keep them from getting stepped on with my slippers. When I got my shoes on to go to the store, I forgot to unroll my jeans. In the dressing room I saw my jeans rolled up above my ankles. Worse than this, I did the same thing the following week. You would think I would learn.

Hi Kelli! You already know I'm a follower of yours.

I live in California. (In the middle of the state - Bakersfield)

Rosa said...

Great giveaway,I`m a follower.Thanks for the chance.

Rosa said...

I`m not scraper and I`ve never try it.
I`m from Spain.

One embarrassing happen went I was speaking english and I get on badly

Erica said...

My favorite digital pack is the "All About Me Tweens Pack"

Erica said...

I live in a SMALL town in Oklahoma.

Erica said...

Embarrassing moment....Hmmm there have been so many. Haha

We had just moved to this SMALL Oklahoma town and one Friday night decided to go eat dinner at the ONLY restaurant in town. When we walked in the ENTIRE restaurant got quiet and everybody stared at us as we walked to find a table. Then the whole time we were there people were watching us trying to figure out who we were. I come from Dallas where nobody cares and drawing so much attention really embarrassed me.

Melody said...

Hi Kelli, I've blogged about your giveaway

Melody said...

Hi again, I'm a very happy follower

Melody said...

I love in Melbourne Australia and love having blogging friends from all over the world.

Diane said...

I would love to join your giveaway. I love it when friends from all over the globe pop by and say hello on my blog. xx

Diane said...

Sorry - the above was me . I had forgotten to sign out of our family blog! xxxx

Snoodles said...

Oh my goodness, love your pages you made....and Mary Englebreit is a fav of mine for so very long! I'm a new follower of your blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

Snoodles said...

I went to their site, and I love the Gardener pack that they have! This would be such fun to play with --- I can think of about a bazillion ways to utilize it! Thanks for the chance to win!

Dorothy said...

Hi Kelli
thanks for following my blog, I love your blog too and I am a Mary Engelbriegt fan too! If only I could spell her name right!LOL

rockgranny said...

I`m a new follower.Thanks for the chance.

rockgranny said...

I'm from Croatia, SE Europe

Caroline said...

I love the "Halloween" layout, maybe because I am doing a quilted table mat, with a half jack-o-lantern, like in the kit. Thanks for the giveaway!

Caroline said...

I am now a follower! Thanks!

Caroline said...

I live in Burlington, ND....8 miles west of Minot, ND. I don't know if you seen the news about our two communities earlier this summer, but we had a devastating flood. We, ourselves, did not take on any water damage...but many friends and family did. My folks had water on top of their counter tops and had to gut the house, from the bottom of the upper cupboards, down. My BFF and her husband had to tear out everything from the ceiling on the main floor, down. It is so devastating what water will do. Thanks for the giveaway!

I like Vintage 5. This would be great to use to re-make a photo album from 1974 for our custom VW Bug truck. Cool.

I'm a misplaced Texan living in Illinois (western suburbs of Chicago). Love the FQ's. They would go great in my 1.5" 9 patch quilt.

Most embarrassing moment: I was walking backwards from the 'bottomless pit' in Carlsbad Caverns, and fell into a small pit. Ow! That hurt, my back and my pride.

Deb said...

I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and just found your blog!

Deb said...

I like the Moments of Everyday page set.

Deb said...

Most embarrassing moment: walking in Costco one day headed to the restroom in front of all the cashiers and customers when my undies lost their elastic. I had to hold myself so funny to walk and hold them up until I got to the restroom. It wasn't the best time of the month for that to happen either! Whew! I still remember it as a real uh-oh situation!

KellyS said...

I live in St. Louis, Missouri. Thanks for the giveaway!

I live in Manchester, U.K and I love it here :)

June D said...

I like the for the kids layout for the photo pages.

June D said...

I couldn't find the follower link but did click to subscribe to posts...

June D said...

I'm from San Diego CA

June D said...

Most embarrassing quilting moment:

When my husband said he thought I had too many colors in my quilt. I had black and the colors of the rainbow - cut it back to black and the three primary colors - and never yet have finished the quilt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli i live in victoria ,Australia

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