Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Hexie Collection & A Package

These are the hexies I have done so far..  I have one more, that I was going to post for One Flower Wednesday, but it isn't loaded onto the computer yet.  So I will just post a pic of my collection.  Who knew they would be so much fun?!  Well.. a lot of you did, and now I know why!

I can see where I should have put some petals as centers maybe or arranged them differently, but I am definitely learning as I go.  I am thinking about making enough of them to trail across a solid color quilt top maybe.  Not sure yet...

In other news, a while back, I became the 200th follower over at:


And Linda sent me this prize:

Thanks, Linda!  What a fun package to get in the mail!!  Love the book, and can't wait to try the other prizes. :)

Happy Wednesday.. head over here to see more hexies!

       One Flower Wednesday


Quiltjane said...

Your hexagons are beautiful.

They're beautiful! Have a look at this beauty http://www.flickr.com/photos/imagingermonkey/sets/72157623616096597/with/5958679354/ is that the type of quilt you're thinking of?

Melody said...

Fabulous hexies - well done

Anonymous said...

congrats on your win,love your hexies

Maria said...

Great flowers to add to your garden.
Pleased yourare enjoying your new addiction. LOL
Lovely gifts to receive in the mail.

Beautiful flowers! I'm addicted to hexies also.

Karen said...

A fabulous collection of flowers and a great prize too!

Wonderful flowers. Love the colors. Congrats on a great win!

Erica said...

Your hexies would look so good on a solid color quilt! They are very pretty.

sunny said...

Congrats on the win! Your flowers are beautiful. You were warned - LOL!

Your flowers are very beautiful. I love the fabrics you worked with. Isn't it great to work on our garden?

The hexagons look beautiful! Love the perfectly-placed butterfly as well. :)

Oh Hexagons. Man, I should be sewing some now. Hmmph. Love yours...maybe I can send you some hexies and we'll call it a day? Oh no wait you'll be in DisneyWorld. Darn it!

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