Thursday, September 1, 2011

Small Blog Meet

Lily's Quilts is having a:

           Small Blog Meet 

...for blogs with less than 50 followers.

So if you are visiting me from the Small Blog Meet, my name is Kelli.  I am new to blogger, have only been here for about a month.  I started this blog to mostly post about crafty and quilty things with personal things thrown in once in a while.  I had been lurking around quilting blogs for quite sometime, reading and looking at photos.  I just never get tired of seeing pics and reading stories of the wonderful things people make.  So I was excited to set up a blog where I could start not only reading but commenting and meeting people.  It's so much fun to meet other quilters/crafters who have the same interests or illnesses (fabric addictions)that you do. :)  I have been having the best time just cruising around and checking out quilting blogs from all over the world.

I mostly have done patchwork and hand quilting, but did try one machine quilt, and have recently joined One Flower Wednesday and made my first hexie flower. 
This is one of the projects I have blogged about:

And this is my little boy:

And my big dog: (my blog mascot) 

If you are visiting from the Small Blog Meet, it is nice to meet you and I will try to visit and follow all of your pages very soon.  Thanks for stopping by. :)  I love meeting fellow quilters/crafters and making new friends. 



Welcome to blogland - and what a cute boy and dog you have! And I love the quilt in the post too

Pomona said...

That is a lovely quilt that you have made! It's always good to discover new blogs - I am sure that yours will be a great success.

Pomona x

Cat said...

Hey Kelly thanks for stopping by my blog again :) nice to see you back.
And what a wonderful idea a blog hop for bloggers with less than 50 followers xxx

Susanne said...

Cute big dog :) And nice crafty things too!


hi - i'm a little blog too - and i'm a cancer survivor too - not as young as you though. your little lad looks gorgeous as does your work - nice to meet you

Hi Kelly-- Welcome to blog land. Love the mascot!! Just gorgeous. Hugs --Sandie

Nic said...

Welcome to blogland, it's so much fun. Love the puppy, he looks like he's the sort to come and plop himself down in your lap when you're getting comfortable with some hand sewing :)

Maria said...

Hello Kelly. I'm now following your blog which I found through Lily's. By the way, that's a very pretty quilt you'v made there.

Hi Kelli
found you through Lily's small blog link. Love your quilt, adorable son and my husband would love your dog (always wanted a newfie but had to settle for a lab)

Hi Kelli!
I'm new to blogging and found you through Lily's Quilts. I too think your dog is so sweet and your son is adorable... although I really want an ice-cream now!!

Sadie said...

Hi Kelli :-)
First up, I love your blog title! Very clever!
Cute kids, both the two leg and the four leg :-)

Danielle said...

Hi Kelli! So nice to "meet" you through the SBM! Good luck with those hexies - they're totally addictive! Danielle x

sunny said...

What a great idea for a blog hop Unfortunately, it's working so well that I see you are about to disqualify yourself as a small blog. Way to go my friend!

Maria said...

Hi Kelli nice to meet you cute little boy and big dog.
Hope you are enjoying your blog hop.

stephmabry said...

Love your blog name, and how it works on multiple levels! Found you through the link-up, and can't wait to read more! :)

Hi Kelli, welcome to blogging - I'm new too and having so much fun! I'm off to follow and read some more posts!

Patti said...

hello Kelli, and welcome to blogland. I linked over from Lynne's small blog meet, so I've just browsed your blog. Your quilt is really nice and your son adorable. I am a cat person but do appreciate a really cute dog too!! Nice to meet you. hope you enjoy the blogging experience.

Jane said...

Hi Kelli! I think I've commented on your blog before but I came over today from the small blog meet. I'm gonna follow now. Love the dog....kid & quilt too!

Hi Kelli, Lovely to meet you. I am looking forward to following your Blog. Sharon

Toni said...

Hi Kelli! Your blog is very cute, and so is your son! Can't wait to see more of your projects!

Oh my goodness. First - you have a Disney countdown - LOVE YOU! Secondly, a blog mascot? That is a great idea... My puppy just ran away (very very recently as in Yesterday) but her sister is still with us and being more cuddled now than ever. Sigh. Maybe she needs a little mascot love.

Thanks Kelli!

Cindy said...

Hi Kelli, I love love your dog and your son is o adorable.
I look forward to watching your blog grow.
I've come over from Lily's Quilts. When you get a chance, come over to my blog.

Hi! I love the books as your blog backdrop, looks very cool. Thanks for coming over and following me, I'm following you now too :D I look forward to seeing your crafty progress!

Thank you Kelli for stopping by my blog. I really look forward to being blogland quilters. Hexies can be so addictive because of the emotional relaxation that comes from using fine motor skills. Once it becomes more familiar and you find you take stitches with ease, you may find yourself stitching until (ahem) 6:00 a.m.... but I would advise against it, makes for a hard day with little ones! (yes, I did that once). Laura of Ruby Grey Studio

quiltmania said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your little boy is adorable, and your Newfie is beyond words. Gotta love a dog that big and fuzzy!

Kathy said...

What a great idea this SBM is! Your blog is looking great. Buster looks very much the gentle giant - check out those soft brown eyes!

Greetings from SBM! Love your quilt, good job!

Hey Kellie,
it's so cool you found my blog! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your blog title is great! Wish I had come up with something like that ;-)

Rosa said...

Welcome to the blogland and thanks to stop by.

I looking forward your quilting/craft projects.

I am yuo're latest new follower...look forward reading you're new posts BR

Looks like you've got a cute new blog. Good for you.

Hey Kelli! This is a pretty cool Small Blog post. I'm glad to have already found you!! Your boy is too cute!! See you around!

Anonymous said...

Hello there... I'm new to blogging too and found your blog through the SBM (such a great idea). Your quilt above is lovely and I love your blog's name! I'm not a quilter (yet), though I sense that I won't be able to resist it. Everyone's quilts and quilted projects are just so lovely!

Katie said...

Hi Kelli,Love the dog - he obviously needs a hug. Happy crafting x x

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