Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

This week's Tuesday Treasure is directly related to what I will be doing come this Saturday.

In April, we took a family trip to Disneyland and I spotted only the cutest salt and pepper shakers ever made!

I have a slight weakness for cute S&P shakers.. 

and red.. in case you haven't noticed. :)

And Mickey and Minnie, the actual shakers, nestle into the car with magnets. *sigh* I LOVE.  

And they always remind me of our trip.  And how happy this little face was to get his picture taken with every single character that we passed, every day that we were there.

The first time we went to Disneyland, he asked me how come "real" Mickey doesn't talk? He was three at the time.  In April, he was four, and he didn't say much about it.. but the other day, now almost five, he told me that last time we were at Disneyland, he noticed that Mickey (who apparently had a wardrobe malfunction with the head of his costume that day) had a "neck".  So he thinks that maybe there's a man inside Mickey and maybe that's why Mickey doesn't talk.  :(  Growing right up, yes he is.  

Today was his first day of the "wee 5" preschool program that he's going to.  (for those who didn't start kindergarten with late birthdays) ...*sniff*

..and when he was in the bath tonight, the doorbell rang.  It was one of my neighbors, who likes to bake and try new recipes.  Who doesn't love a surprise like this?

I have accepted the fact that my son is almost five years old, and I will likely never... NEVER. be down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Ever again.. Not living in this neighborhood anyway. haha

Happy Tuesday! :)

P.S.  Pop over here to see what Tuesday Treasures others are sharing!


Briar Rose said...

What a great post Kelli, I love those salt and pepper shakers, they will always bring back happy memories, but even better are the Photo's of your gorgeous little son, childre say the cutest things, they are noy easily fooled either. Cheers R.

Wendy said...

I love your salt and pepper shaker, gorgeous!! Your hexie flowers from the last post are lovely too. Poor you still being sick, I hope you are improving now.

jen said...

Those salt and pepper shakers are so cute!!!
I hope your son has a wonderful first day at preschool! It's hard watching them grow up!

Melody said...

Gorgeous salt and pepper shakers and you son is such a cutie-pie

Kathy said...

Do love S&P shakers! My favs are vintage Japanese animals...I am searching for the pair to a long-tailed squirrel for years...he''' turn up one day.

Cute S&P shakers. My sister in law took her kids to Disneyland every year and had them pose with Mickey so that she could also chart their growth. Your little boy is a cutie and smart! He's going to be watching to see if they are people inside.

Sheila said...

cute s&P shakers ,and I am sure your son loved Disney world , such fun.

Teresa F. said...

Your salt and pepper shakers are wonderful. i've been to disneyland Paris for the first time last Summer and I know exactly what you mean. It's unforgetable.

Lovely post and great Treasure Kelli. I love salt & pepper shakers but have forbidden myself to have another collection. Your Mr 5 is very cute and they do grow up so quickly. Wish I had your neighbours!

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