Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In

Well, I didn't get to work on this..

..because I was working on this..

While at DisneyWorld last month, little Mr. Five saw this hat..

..and immediately insisted on being Pluto for Halloween.  Found some felt the exact color for a couple of bucks a yard, and a pattern to use as a guide.. and Ta-Da!  Pluto.

Made the top tonight, now just need to finish the mittens.

Did manage to eke out some sewing time for myself tonight, too, though. :o) Made some hexie flowers.

Kinda wanna make this hexie quilt for my mom.  Going to post the plan again, just to keep myself motivated. 

That is it for my Friday Night Sew in results.  Looking forward to checking everyone's posts out tomorrow. :o)


Wendy said...

Looks like you have done a great job of the Pluto costume, very cute. Your hexie flowers are pretty.

Maria said...

What a great "Pluto" suit. Looking forward to seeing Mr Five in it.

Lovely hexies to make your quilt out of.

Manda said...

Your pluto costume is going to look great!
Hexies are pretty!

Your son will love the Pluto costume!

Oh Pluto is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Can't wait to see Mr Five in the finished product. Soooo cute. :)

joe tulips said...

That costume is awesome, can't wait to see the whole thing together. The orange/blue blocks are such a tease...can't wait to see them getting together too!

Hexies are on my list to try, Have never done one at all. The quilt idea looks fantastic too.

Love the costume, the hat is adorable. Just back from overseas and have jet lag so I need to get back to my routine, sew.

Can't wait to see the costume on! You really should make the hexie quilt - it's a great plan!

Sherry said...

Your son will be an adorable Pluto!! Good job.

Mr Five is going to be one posh little guy in his halloween costume!

quiltmania said...

Your son is one lucky young man! The fun of halloween costumes that you make yourself is that they will stand up to be used for play long after halloween is done.

Your little guy is going to be a fantastic looking Pluto! The hexes look great...make the quilt, you will feel great!

Sharon said...

The Pluto costume is so cute! I've got to get over my fear of hexies. Yours look great!

I am still way digging that hexy layout. How are you going to accomplish that? Applique? Or piecing? Sigh, I need to finish my TBs. Damn it. Oh and Pluto should meet Tinkerbell...we have wings and skirt but I need to figure out a top. Hmmmm...I think just white will have to do it'll be cold anyway!

Anonymous said...

You had a productive FNSI. Your son is going to look adorable in that costume.

Love that Pluto costume.... someone is going to be very happy wearing that outfit! Enjoy your little one... they grow up way too fast!

Josie said...

That Pluto costume is fab-u-lous!! Your little chap is going to get loads of treats on his night out wearing it. Love your hexies too both the big and small ones. I don't quite get 'the plan' but I'll be watching to see how it turns out... cheers!

KellyS said...

Adorable costume!! Your little one will be so cute! Great, productive FNSI!

Cherise said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see him in it! Great job mom! I'm having a giveaway if you want to check it out. Have a great weekend! :)

Fiona said...

our plans sometimes change.. that is such an ultra cute costume...

Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a great find to get the felt you needed for so cheap. Mr Five is going to have a great time in his wonderful Pluto costume! (Pluto & Goofy were always my favorites!)

All that, & you still had time to work on another project! Very productive FNSI!

~ meagan

Jandi said...

Cute costume! I'm impressed that you managed to make that AND some hexies!

Seriously CUTE costume! Great job :)

I was looking for a shirt in that exact color today. Almost mission impossible cause it's the #1 fashion color of this fall and almost sold out everywhere. Looks like you could make me one ;-) That costume is gonna look so cute!

Amanda said...

Pluto was always one of my favorites! I am sure he is going to be adorable on Halloween!

Debbie said...

Pluto is great! I loooved making costumes for my kids when they were little!

Roos said...

I just love the "Pluto" costume, I'm sure he looks great in it and your hexies are beautiful ;o)
Greetings Roos

Denise :) said...

What a darling costume! And what luck finding the perfect color felt, huh? Your hexies are very pretty, too! :)

Wonky Girl said...

What a great costume, made me laugh out loud when I saw the hat.

One of these days I'm gonna start a hexi quilt. I bought a booklet with templates and very good instructions :)

Now, I'm your newest follower :) sent you a reply from my blog but address said "no reply". Uh-oh?

deborah said...

The Pluto costume is great! Your hexies are making me want to try my hand at them.

Anonymous said...

you have had a very productive FNSI,well done and what a cute pluto you handsome boy makes.

That Pluto outfit is going to look so cute on him!

Jenniffier said...

Oh my gosh... Looks adorable!

Kim said...

Your little one is just so adorable in his costume.

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