Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gone Hexie Mad.

A couple of months ago, I'd never made a hexie flower.  Or even one hexagon.  Everyone was right. They are addicting.  Now my 1.5" hexie flowers have had 3/4" babies!

They are kind of tedious but fun!
And so cute when they are done.

I was so proud of myself, I had to force my husband to ooh and ahh over it. ha!  (he's so cooperative-I love that guy.) Just don't look at them too closely b/c all of the corners may or may not match up perfectly. 

There are 3 in total so far..

And 4 more of the larger ones..

This plan may come together yet.. if it doesn't get derailed by some pillows first.

Linking up with One Flower Wednesday and Freshly Pieced.  


Bev C said...

Hello Kelli,

Oh you are well on the way to making a beautiful hexie garden here.
Happy days.

Hilachas said...

Your hexies are SO cute and beautiful too. you make those browns come alive.

I hope next week...or maybe the week after I can give you some more hexie food for thought on my blog. :)

rockgranny said...

They are lovey, keep on hexin'

Wendy said...

You are doing so well with your hexies and they are all beautiful.

Your hexies are very cute and it's going to make a lovely flower garden.

I can remember making these when I was at school! Keep On Hexie'ing Girl!

Manda said...

The teeny tiny ones are so cute!

Maria said...

Oh LOL You are really hooked Kelli.
Even doing tiny flowers now. they look great.

Gorgeous hexagon flowers - I'm guessing you're now completely addicted?!

bichonpawz said...

Your hexes are quite nice! Awesome in fact!

sunny said...

heeheehee!! Yep, you're hooked. They're beautiful!

All your flowers are soooo pretty! Looks like you are making good progress.

Peggy said...

Great little hexies - I tried one once and decided this was just not for me. More power to all of you who do those!

So cute! I love that the spawned!! :)

These are so cute. I don't think you will get derailed - this quilt is going to be great.

Michele said...

Great flowers! It is fun :-)

Brandie said...

Hehehehe, still laughing at you. I need to make a few hexies this week for a BOM. I hope it doesn't start my addiction up again.

Al said...

I'm in awe of that plan! I'm certainly over here hoping that it does come together :)

Michelle said...

It looks like you've been having alot of fun!
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

quiltmania said...

Next you will have to try 1/2" and then of course, 1/4". Once you are hooked, you just can't stop.

Remington said...

Very nice! Beth said they can be very time consuming....

Betty Lou said...

They look perfect to me-------I am pretty slow at making hexies, mine will be a small project. Hugs

quiltjude said...

Love your blog, and love your heading too! :)

Ellen said...

Very cute and definitely addictive!

Unknown said...

Those are soooo cool!!!!

Your hexies are great Kelly! Thank You for visit my blog:) Your comment are very nice:) I'm your follower:)

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