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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Most Crafty Accomplishment

The DIY/Repurposing of the crib set Toddler Bed:

Which started out life as this:

And when A. was old enough to climb out of the crib but hadn't given it the effort to do it yet.. I thought I'd better get him into a toddler bed.  Many nights of rocking with him and reading him stories and staring at the crib and thinking about what to do led me to make this sketch..  In my head it would be a fun little jungle house with animals peeking in the windows.

Using crib mattress measurements for the frame..

The best husband ever made it happen.  It helps that Lowe's will cut your lumber to whatever measurements you want for free. :)

My Dad helped my husband with the router saw to round the edges of the boards. Then I painted..

..but I thought it needed a kind of guard rail, and I wanted it to be covered with the animal fabric that was the bedskirt from the crib set.  So I got a 1x12" board and covered it with batting, and used the actual bumper pad from the crib set instead since it already had some batting inside.  I dissected it and covered the board for the front, making it come just about an inch and a half above the mattress, so it would keep him from falling out of bed. And it DID. :)

More painting for a layering effect.. I'm not so good at that.. and then I cut some animals out of the bed skirt fabric and spray glued them on, and then framed them out with some painted trim that my #1 husband helped me miter the edges of.

 Added some bun feet, which eventually were painted to match, and made a little tiny pillow case from the bed skirt fabric to match, and used some scrap trim I had to embellish it.  His crib comforter fit it perfectly.  So he could "make" his bed every day.  A completely unexpected bonus. ;)

Here it is before the bun feet were put on..

And after... He slept in it for two wonderful years, and never fell out of bed. :)

Anything is possible with a little imagination and a LOT of determination. :)  Happy Crafting.

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wow...that is just totally awesome...any little man would love that bed...

That's amazing!!! What a lucky little boy!!

Great post. So cool to see the process! I always wanted a cool bed like this when I was little!

jen said...

That is just adorable!
How creative!! I want one too!

Patti said...

Kelli! Brilliant use of an old crib! Your son must have loved it so much. And wow! making his own bed! a bonus for sure!

Brandie said...

Super cute! What a great idea. Perfect!

The bed is gorgeous, you are very creative and clever! Well done.

Thanks for joining my site Kelli! I'm your new follower of my best friends also had cancer at age 26...she's great now too and you women are miracles!! :-)

Janine said...

That is just brilliant. So clever and absolutely lovely :)

Ellen said...

Wonderfully creative! It turned out so great and your son got to enjoy it for quite awhile. Too bad they grow up so quickly.

Michelle said...

Love the way it turned out! Very cute!

What a neat repurposing idea. Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.


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