Monday, October 3, 2011

Pictures and a craft..

Haven't been sewing much, been really busy, but starting to have withdrawals..  I might feel a hexie or two coming on. :) And I'm getting a hankering to finish those orange framed blocks.  That is a good sign. 

So I thought I'd share a quick craft and some fun pictures.

When my son was born, I picked a kind of jungle-y theme for his room.  I wanted to have his name on the wall in block letters, so I bought the standard wood letters from my local JoAnn store, and spray painted them dark brown and made this to hang on the wall:
Glued them to some branches and hung our other house, they were hanging above the closet, but here, they hung on the bulletin board wall.

When we made his toddler bed (will blog about that project in the future), it was the same theme and went really well.

BUT, earlier this year, when he started outgrowing his toddler bed *double sniff-sniff* we had to get him a real, certifiable, not a baby anymore, grown-up twin bed.  So along with that came new bedding, and well, it was time for a change.  His new bedding was primarily blue, with primary colors, cars and trucks.  Not at all jungle-y. 

So, outside went the letters.

A 1x2 cut to length, thank you Lowe's, black and red spray paint, a yellow paint pen, some hot glue, and some little 50 cent pre-painted car shapes, an airplane-- and a very out of place dog (that he insisted on!)-- and then we had this:
Here it is, propped up while the glue is drying.  I had to re-glue a couple of them.

And here it is, hanging over the dresser now, b/c I did something else with the cork wall. (another future post)
I have a thing for red. :)

(That is my old dresser from when I was a little girl. :)

Now for the fun pictures.. this is where we stayed at DisneyWorld:

(my hubby below)

(Our rooms were right behind the dancing guys head)
(My son LOVED the bowling pin stairs on our building.)
Here is the bowling pin shaped pool, in the day and lit up at night..

The pool building:(and laundromat)
(of course some Disney characters thrown in..Lady here seems to be eyeing my dad.)

A giant juke box, behind which were the elevators for our building.  My son promptly noticed that the "I" was missing! ???

The buildings were themed by decades.. 50's, 60's, 70's etc.  Here is a yo-yo staircase on another building..

A very colorful place to stay.. :)
Thanks for reading!

P.S.  **Breaking News!** Go HERE for a fun giveaway from my friend Rebecca Lynne.  You won't regret it, I promise!!


Nic said...

His name plate is great. And some dogs like to chase cars, so it's not completely out of place :)

bichonpawz said...

I think you did an amazing job on the letters! They look terrific both ways! Disneyworld is so fun isn't it?? I love it! The first time I went, I was 32!! Still love it! Enjoy each moment with your little boy...they grow so very fast. My little girl is 25 and has her own business, her own is so hard to believe!!

Have a great day Kelli!

Wendy said...

Hi Kelli, I love the two different looks with the letters, clever you!

Ellen said...

Wow - you are quite creative! Our little ones grow up too quickly (and it is so hard to let them!!).

Peggy said...

Wonderful deco for a little guy's room - you're so creative!

Rosa said...

Beautiful decor.You`re very creative.

Your hotel was cool!!

You really make some fun room decorations...and I like the dog.Cute!

Love Austin's room. Am in denial about the Disney let's not go there. ;) Deny, deny, deny!!!! Off to bed to dream of the Rockin' Roller Coaster.

Love these posts about Austin's room! The Disney photos are great!

When the mail man and I went on our honey moon we stayed right behind ladies head!!!! hahaha so random!

I am going back in 55 days!!!!
with my daddy and kids this time tho lol...
I am addicted to Disney word!

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