Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Robots and the Danger Zone and OPD

So.. taking my son to his new preschool program--which is GREAT--may not be that great for my wallet.  Turns out that said school is right in the middle of a danger zone.. i.e. my LQS.  It is literally maybe a quarter mile away.  Practically just across the street!

So the other day when I was early to pick him up, I thought I'd just pop in to look around.  A perfect way to kill some time.  More like a perfect way to kill some money! Look what I found in the 50% off bin.

ROBOTS! (David W. for Free Spirit)

Seriously adorable! Crazy cute!!

A DOG!!! :o)  I swoon for cute little boy prints. 

So does my cute little boy.

My hexie virus is well documented as of late, but if you haven't noticed before now, I also suffer from Obsessive Pillowcase Disorder. If you don't believe me, revisit my Pillowcase-palooza post by CLICKING HERE.  I had made a couple for my son, and then when Joplin, MO was hit by an EF-5 tornado in May of this year, I decided to make a bunch to send to my bro. to give away there.  Both my parents and my bro/sis-in-law live in Joplin but were unharmed. That started my obsession. They are so much fun and so easy!

So, there.  I have now admitted to two documented fabric related illnesses.  I think I will need professional help. ;o)


Think of the petrol money you'll be saving with the Pre-school being so close to the fabric shop...LOL!!!
Pam... self confessed fabricaholic.

Fellow quilters are all the help you need ; )

quiltmania said...

Yes, you do need help. Call a friend and take her with you to the LQS. Totally okay!

Manda said...

Cute pillowcases! Just think of the time you'll save having to make special fabric shop trips! :)

Only two fabric related illnesses Kelli, you must be getting better! Love the robot fabric. Wish I had a LQS nearby so that I could just live in it.

cinzia said...

We all suffer from the same illness, Kelli. That's why we blog. It's our virtual support group! Cute fabric.

Allison said...

fabric is cheaper & more fun than therapy anyway :) very cute pillowcase!

hahahaha you and me both! I love that pillowcase - so would my son! He has a robot themed room :)

Laura Ann said...

Found your blog via my sister :) very cute blow.. I've made the tradtional hexie quilt- 250 of them which is now my ufo.. i like what your doing with them.. its a fresh idea on a classic.. very nice..

what a cutie

love the robots and you've used them brilliantly!


Jody said...

Your son is adorable!! Love the robot fabric, too. Since I only had sons, I tend to look at male fabric!

I like robots too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now following.

Anonymous said...

What a cute project!!

I'm a new follower via Weekend blog hop.

bichonpawz said...

Love the super cute fabrics!!

Hope your parents and your brother are doing ok. I have another blogger friend who grew up in Joplin and she has been there lately...her pictures are just unbelievable. I feel so bad for those folks.

Karima said...

Saw you on blog hop, nice to meet another crafter! Your newest follower, Karima,

Now you're practically passing your LQS it would be rude not to pop in every few days...the fabric and pillow case are gorgeous!

corabeth said...

that is so cute! I love making pillowcases too because that is about all I have figured out how to do!

New Follower from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop. Hoping you will follow back! =0)
My Crazy Life

Joan said...

Oh yes! He is a REALLY cute young man - Hugs from me to him :)

Anonymous said...

Your son is precious! I so miss my sons being that age. Love him to pieces while he will let you! They grow up too soon.

Coming over from FNF Blog Hop!! I'm a new follower via GFC(paragould_gal_05) I love your blog!!!! I hope you have a great weekend!!! Come stop by my blog if you have time!! :)

Jessica Rose - Beauty and The Bookaholic

Linda said...

When I was in My LQS today, I noticed that they had the cutest pillow cases in great Halloween fabrics. I don't think my sons would use Halloween pillowcases, but I sure would! I'm thinking of going back tomorrow and getting some fabric for one (or two)!

Crystal said...

Great blog! Now following!

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