Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Good news first, of course.  

I made my very first ever improv and mosaic block last night.  And I guess you could say my first modern-ish block. Very much a trial on error process.  But I'm liking it:

That is the color palette inspiration next to it.  Plus, you could add grey.  It's actually for a charity quilt--another first for me.. first time to make a block and send it off in the mail.  BUT, now that I'm looking at the inspiration quilt again, I think I need to make another with my white strips all the same width.  I cut them different widths on purpose.. trying to embrace improvisation. You can read about the charity quilt HERE.  

One more photo:

In not so good news..

To everything there is a season.
our view on our way home today~leaves finally turning

Last week, it was my Aunt that we lost.  Today it is my Grandmother. She would have been 94 on Dec. 3rd.  She passed away in her sleep last night.  I'm comforted by the fact that she didn't suffer.  She was the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful human I've ever known.  I never heard her say an unkind word about anyone, and she never complained. She lived several years with high blood pressure and congestive heart failure, and had breast cancer surgery in her early 80's. During that time, she was taking care of my grandpa at home, and took care of him until his last breath, even when their double bed had to be replaced with a hospital bed and a twin bed in their room.  She was a wonderful giving person.  A finer woman I doubt I'll ever know.  

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her.  
@ our wedding six 1/2 years ago

 Mother's Day 2011

2008, when my baby was 2, learning to do chores at her house..he loved to bring in her mail, swiffer the floor, put her recyclables in the blue garbage can, and water her plants on the porch.  

With Austin in 2007

The two of them in 2009, sitting on this scrap quilt.  The last one she quilted. It was in her drawer for years and years as just a top, and I kind of badgered her into quilting it.. I just love the orange.  Her mother had made the top many years before.  I am so glad I got to help her quilt it.

I definitely learned to have a love for quilts at her house, looking at the many quilts and quilt tops in her drawers that were made out of scraps, by relatives that had come before me, when times were tough and everything was saved or reused.

I will always love and miss her! 

Please pray for my family.  On the heels of losing my aunt last Sunday and my dad just settling in after flying back home, my parents will be flying out here again tomorrow.  Your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated!


I am so very sorry. Prayers sent!

Katie said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Toni said...

I'm so sorry, Kelli! Your Grandma sounds like she was an amazing lady!

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry for your loss, Kelli. She sounds like a wonderful lady who had inspired many others. I'm sending my prayers to your family.

Take care,

I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. What a special lady she must have been. No doubt she'll be smiling down from heaven when you finish each and every quilt thinking of the legacy she inspired.

sorry to read your news kelli, and how wonderful your family has these fantastic memories - not to mention the legacy your grandmother passed on with regard to the quilting - every stitch will bind her memory closer.


Raewyn said...

Thinking of your family Kelli - how sad to have two losses so close together. Your grandmother seemed to have been a wonderful woman, how lucky you are to have lovely photos and memories.

sunny said...

Oh Kelli, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. It sounds like your grandmother lived a very good life, and was able to spend her time with a very loving family. Hugs......

Thinking of you, Kelli, during this difficult time. What lovely photos.

Unknown said...

Peace and blessings. She will live in your hearts and quilts forever.

Karin said...

I´m sorry to hear about your Grandma. My thoughts and prayers are sent todwards you.

Nic said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. We all dread the day that call will come

So sorry for your loss Kelli. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family at this time.

I am so sorry for your loss! I'll be thinking about you and your family! Those pictures are darling! She actually reminds me of my grandmother who died when I was only 7 (my grandmother also had pretty white hair just like yours!)

Sunnybec said...

What a fabulous lady and what a wonderful age she was. You will have many happy memories. My Dad's birthday was 3rd December too. Linda

So sorry to hear about your grandmother (((((HUGS))))) for you and your family.

Your blocks look fab though, and glad your grandmother was able to introduce you to quilting

Ellen said...

Sorry to hear your news. It sounds like you had a very close bond with your Grandmother.

Peggy said...

So sorry for your loss - she sounds like she was a wonderful person! Prayers and blessings to you and your family. Your quilt block is great! And now we know where you got your interest and talent from!

jen said...

I am so sorry about your loss.
Our thoughts are with you and your family through this difficult time.

Oh Kelli I'm so sorry :( What a sad time for your family. Of course you are in my prayers. Huge hugs and love x

Becky said...

It is so hard to lose a relative and it looks like your Aunt and Grandma were well-loved too. Prayers are for your family this week.
I am loving the improv modern block too. It looks like fun.

I haven't been a follower of your blog for very long, but I know the pain of a loss, especially someone so dear to you. I'll definitely be praying for you and your family. Having the memories of that last quilting project will hopefully help you get through this time.

Kelli, so sorry for your losses. Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman. It was good she didn't suffer. I know you will miss her terribly. I'm sending prayers and hugs to you and your family.

Manda said...

So sorry for your loss, your grandmother sounds like a lovely woman.

stephmabry said...

I'm so sorry - back-to-back losses like that are always that much more difficult. I lost my grandparents young (all four were gone by the time I was 18) so I'm jealous of anyone who has theirs for as long as you did! :) Cherish all the memories. :)

I'm so sorry to hear your sad news...take and your family are in my thoughts xx

oh, Kelli I'm so sorry! I'll say some prayers for you and your family. What a rough week. Best wishes!

Michele said...

What a difficult time for you and your family. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Cherish the photos, quilts and memories.

She was a wonderful example to all of us, Kelli. I'll miss her so much. I'm praying for safe journeys for all of the family. I won't be able to make the funeral, but my thoughts will be with you. What a glad reunion she and Pappaw must be having.

Wendy said...

I am so sorry for your loss, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Wendy

bichonpawz said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. Especially difficult having two so close together. My prayers are with you and your family. I spent last Monday at a memorial for my former Mother in Law. We were fortunate she did not suffer too long as she had esophageal cancer.

Jody said...

So sorry about your grandmother--but how blessed you are to have known and loved her. I will pray for you and your family.

Brenda said...

I am sorry to hear about your losses. My prayers are with you and your family.

I also want to thank you for stopping by and I do want to tell you that your block is pretty. I have not tried to improvise a block yet. I am doing my best just to get blocks to work as they are suppose to. On second thought maybe I should just improvise.

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My thoughts are with you and your family.

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother.

I'm so sorry! It's so hard when loved ones go - and when there is more than one death in the family it's really unsettling. Yes, I'll pray for you and your family. And strength for those traveling.

Thinking of you during this tough time. I am going through a rough period with my own grandmother and you are right that it is good your grandmother went peacefully. Blessings to you and yours. Hugs.

I am behind in my reading, and I hope this finds you feeling a bit better. I am so sorry about your loss. We lost my grandmother a couple of days before Christmas, and had her funeral Christmas day. Prayers for you and your family!

Deborah said...

I am so sorry about your grandmother. My prayers are with your family as you go through this grief journey. Pictures and memories will help with the healing.

Unknown said...

Many prayers coming your way - losing a loved one is never easy, no matter how you try to tell yourself it's better for them, it's still not better for you! Hang in there!

Thanks so Much for Joining the Fun at the Pink Dandy Chatter Sunday Blog Hop We hope you are making lots of new bloggy friends! Please come back again next week to see who's new in the hop!

Will say a prayer for you :)coming by and joining from Changing Diapers and Taking Names come by and say hi

It has been a hard year for me also. My grandmother died in Feb. at the age of 63 due to brain cancer. Then my moms cousin (my second cousin) died of a blot clot that traveled to her heart.. so my prayers are with you.
I am your newest follower and would love a follow back.
P.S. Love the block! I need to make some too...

I am so sorry for your loss. Love that you inherited that beautiful scrap quilt and the love for quilting from her!

Unknown said...

I am sorry and I am near you. hugs

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