Friday, December 2, 2011

A Friday Finish? YES!!!!!

Still haven't found my Christmas spirit, still kind of in a funk, after November.. BUT someone found some today!

Leave it to my five year old..  begging my husband..  Before I knew it we were all cleaning the living room, vacuuming and making a space for our tree.  Oh yah.. after the most important part (if you're five)... the TRAIN that goes around the tree!  

Wait!! Wait. Before all of that, I made myself finish this!!  I DO NOT need another UFO sitting around!  Have a little look..
It's not perfect.. but overall I'm pretty happy with it. For using scraps that I had, and having no pattern, and just winging it most of the way. I think it will be cute on our red/chrome 50's dinette table. Or as a wall hanging. It started with a little Kate Spain 12 days of Christmas fat quarter.  I thought making something might be fun and help me get into the Christmas mood.  Playing with bright fabrics always cheers me up!

I found some random fat quarters/scraps that I had in diff. shades of red and green, some white, and cut some random wonky strips.  Not all of them worked out.

Sewed said strips together. No rhyme or reason, really.

Decided to quarter my FQ and frame it like a window.  Look! Out the window! People skating! ?? :) 

Like I said, no rhyme or reason.  

Cut my wonky strip borders and sewed them on..

I wasn't quite satisfied yet, so I put a border of light blue solid. And then some candy cane binding. Aside from the solid light blue and the binding fabric, I didn't buy anything to make this.  Used scraps of batting, and plain muslin that I had for the back. Oh, and I machine quilted it. ACK. I am SOOOOO not good at that.  But it was good practice.  I just winged it, and it sort of turned out like this.  Not perfect for sure.  

Here it is on the wall.. b/c my sewing stuff is still all over the red table. ha!

But we did get the tree up!!

After the train was set up, of course!

Alright, I may have found a *little* Christmas spirit today. :o)  I'm even going to go and enter the quilt show @ SewCalGal. Go check out all the entries and ways to enter, lots of great prizes up for grabs!  Happy Weekend!


Karen said...

This is a lovely little wall hanging. Great fabrics, too. Glad you found your Christmas spirit.

Love the quilt, and the photo of your son watching the train.

Love the quilt, Kelli. Bright, happy colours. Well done!

I like to wing it, too. Good for you. Just a great photo of a 5 yr old mesmerized with a christmas train!

Lesley said...

You did a great job! You designed your quilt from start to finish and it's now hanging on your wall..that's quite an accomplishment for the mother of a five-year old! Christmas spirit is alive and well at your house!

Lovely wall hanging. I love the feature fabric.

I like your binding. What a bright Christmas quilt. Love it.

Julimond said...

looks like winter and having fun on ice

JoAnne said...

Good job on the small quilt! I'm glad you were able to get some Christmas spirit. It is a little thin here--Hawaii just doesn't seem that Christmasy.

Manda said...

Lovely little wallhanging! It worked out great!

Very cute table runner/hanging, and so glad you got the train set up... ;o)

Wilma Lee said...

Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays. Your quilt is so cute!!

Sue Daurio said...

great use of one little fat quarter and a bunch of scraps!! I LOVE the binding!

Love the wall hanging and the photo of your son watching the train is so cute! Does Buster bother with the train?!

Lynette said...

How perfect for that table! It'll look fantastic on it. And what a fun day for your boy - such a cute shot of him watching the Chrismas Tree Train. :D

bunbear said...

your little quilt is darling! and so is that little munchkin sitting there watching the train under the tree!

Joanna said...

Very pretty quilt. Love it and your five year old's spirit.

I'm glad you found your Christmas spirit and shared your quilt with us. It will be perfect as a table topper.

There is a certain fascination about a train and little wondering eyes.

Shanley said...

It looks to me like you found your Christmas spirit. I love the border you made.

Judi said...

Nice job on the wall hanging!

Sandy said...

Very happy and bright! Thanks for sharing!=)

Rachel said... cute! I hope you find the rest of your Christmas spirit - it won't be long now ;)

Great tree! I love the wall hanging and that it's a window! No rhyme or reason obviously works a treat! I'd love to see pictures of it on your table (also because I just love that table!!). Very cute!

maggie said...

Just love your quilt. (Love that fabric line with the skaters) That photo of your boy is priceless as well.

Laurel said...

i'm a fan of the "plan as you go" quilting method!

Jen said...

Great quilt! Nice that you just whipped it up ;)

Carrie P. said...

Fun and done in time for Christmas. Love the stripe binding.

Rachel said...

Great job!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love your quilt!

Jocelyn said...

Very cute. Great fabric.

Janet said...

You made a great little quilt. The skating fabric is so cute. Thanks for sharing the tree and train too.

michele said...

The fabric almost looks like you pieced a drunkards path! Very fun! Thank you for sharing!

Teresa said...

Some great fabric in there and I love the binding

Heather said...

Very cheerful and I love the binding.

Nanbon44 said...

love you little quilt and your photos of your son watching the train brings back memories of my son when he was little as he sat and watched his train...

Snoodles said...

Love your quilt...we used to have a train around our tree, too, when the kiddos were little!

Barb N said...

It was fun to read your blog - and nice to get the wallhanging finished!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Kelli. I think I caught some of your Christmas feelings myself reading your blog.
Love your little quilt. Very cute.

Michele said...

Very nice quilt! Love the colors! The train seems to be the most important part when you are 12 too! At least that is how it is here :-)

Cat Herder said...

What a cute quilt! Isn't it fun what we can make with our scraps!


Karen O said...

I think it is great that you put this together without a pattern, and trying some new things! Thank you for sharing.

Wonky Girl said...

The quilt turned out great, I like the final blue border and candy cane binding.
We had a train to go around the tree when DS was little, wish we had kept it but so much moving....
Glad you found some Christmas spirit.

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