Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Must-See for Christmas spirit!

Okay, truthfully, no sewing has gone on since I got the 40 blocks put together over the weekend. Still need to assemble them.  BUT-- I have to share this photo of my son's Christmas list.  Written all by himself.. spelling and all.

 Okay, can you decipher that first one?  Let's see, it says "leapad" (Leap Pad-techno gadget for five yr olds)..and "modris mrbl set" (motorized marble set).

Now this is the funny part..

This pic..can you get that one?  "TOYLIT-PAPR"  Anyone?  ....
YES!!!!  Bwahahahahahaahaha  My five year old son put toilet paper on his Christmas list. hahahahaha Now there is a gift I can get behind.  It's not another toy to trip over, it's useful, and very economical! Oh, my little practical boy. :o)

But.. there is a back story to that, you see.  My husband, well... let's just say he is a champion consumer of the toilet paper.  We don't have bidets here in the U.S., it's just good old paper.  And my sweet, slightly OCD husband will go through a roll a day and often leave the paper roll empty.  I don't know if he wraps his arm up with it like a cast or what, I mean that is a LOT of paper!  Okay, maybe that's TMI...

BUT that bit of TMI has led my little sonny to put toilet paper on his Christmas list.  Oh my. haha  I first thought he was just trying to make me laugh, (since boys go through a toilet humor phase) but he told me "no, Mommy, I really want my OWN because Daddy keeps using it all so I want my own toilet paper to write my own name on it." :o)

Yes.. the name writing isn't new either.  My husband, also champion snacker, is known to graze through a box of crackers in no time flat. (Even Austin's special snack crackers... while Austin is sleeping...which can be tragic the next day.) So if there is something that A. likes to have for snacks sometimes I will write on it so that my husband knows to save it from being victim of a late night snack attack.  

Soooo.... I think I need to put these on my Christmas list, what with all the labeling I'm sure to be doing in the future:


Its 5am here in the UK Kelli and I had a really rough nights sleep, but the list your 5year old little man has wrote has made my entire day ahead one that where I shall be smiling all day long! ESPECIALLY the toilet roll, I have just had to put my hand over my mouth so as not to laugh out loud and wake the whole house up! That is priceless!!!! Wonderful!!! LOVE It!!

haha - that's so precious - toilet paper!!! bless

Mrs A said...

Oh that's priceless! Perhaps the late night snacking is a culprit for the amount of toilet paper used??!!

That's one list to keep for the future... LOL!!!

Hilarious!!! What a cutie :) Really what is your husband doing with all the paper?!! hahahaha!

Janine said...

Perhaps you can make him his own roll holder with his name on - perhaps like this one but with a slit at the bottom for the paper to feed through.

You should keep the original letter and embroider it or something!

Anonymous said...

I side with the kid, I'm totally OCD about having toilet paper. When we hit 3 rolls I HAVE to buy more. I can't help it. It's just the fear of the deer in the headlights look if there is none when needed!


Anonymous said...

how cute and also funny

ROFLMAO, I'm one of precisely 2 people in our office right now (we were all technically sent home because of bad weather, but it's not that bad, I walk home, and I have an appointment at the hairdressers 300 yards away in an hour, and I'm too lazy to go home and come back) and the only other guy, who is across the room (which normally seats 60) is trying to pretend that I'm not sitting here snorting and trying not to laugh :oD

Anywho, I thought option #1 was a leopard, so, you know, a leap pad is rather cheaper, and more house broken. I had no clue marbles could be motorised, but I'll take his word for it. As for the loo roll, well, I think your husband and my flatmate could compare notes, I'm sure he eats the stuff!!! Totally on Austin's side here, he needs his own personal loo roll holder ;o)

Maria said...

Oh I love your DS and I can relate to the TOILET PAPER thing. My DH also uses heaps of paper. I always say his Mother never taught him how to wipe. LOL. Anyway I now buy a huge DOULBE sized rolls and it least lates TWO days.

Peggy said...

What a great list! Aren't kids just adorable the way they think!

Thanks for the good laugh! What a cute story! And good to now there is actually someone who uses more TP than me ;-)

Wendy said...

Gorgeous story Kelli, and such cute notes from your son. I love the cake you made in the previous post too! Very yummy!

Great post and I love the way your son wants his own TR...

Brandie said...

Hehehe, I think our husbands are related. My 24 year old son gets upset when Dad eats or drinks his special bought snacks. In fact Dad ate half his b-day cake before he got home. After the cake incident, my son keeps his snacks in his truck.
Men... !

Hi, Kelli. Well, I needed a light-hearted post like yours to read (very funny, btw) after having written my rocky road one. Such is life. Really like your grandma's scraps bow-tie, too.
best, nadia

Barb said...

What a funny story!

This post just made my day, thanks!

Fiona said...

Oh how funny.... you will keep me smiling for the day...

ROFL. Thanks Kelli for the look into your life, which apparently mirrors many others! (Why do men need to use so much TP anyway?) Oh and you know what I did think that said Toilet Paper, but I thought no way! No kid would want that!!!LOL!! I saw on another blog, someone saved and hung her kids letters to Santa on the tree as ornaments. Anyway - thanks for the fun.

So glad the first request is a Leap Pad and not the leopard I thought it was...picked that it was toilet paper but what the?...but then the explanation...ROFLOL!!! That is soooo funny...and precious...gotta feel sorry for a kid though at 5 who is learning the share house write your name on stuff gig that doesn't usually happen until university...going to be chuckling away on that one for the rest of the day...

OMG Kelli I missed reading your blog so much when my internet crashed! This is F____ Hilarious! Holy Crap. Your son and my daughter need to meet...I swear they'd find a way to have us peeing in our pants for months on end. Love it!!! Thank you for sharing...

How scary is it that the only words I could decipher quickly on his list were "Toilet paper"? Hilarious! I hope he gets a big old Sam's Club pack for Christmas.

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