Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Possible Friday Finish?

Well, if I get the binding on tonight, I will have a Friday finish!  I've been trying to find my Christmas spirit (it's been hiding from me this year)by playing with some fun fabrics.  

Speaking of Christmas, will someone please make that ticker at the top of my page STOP counting down?  I am NOT ready yet!!

Doesn't this binding look good enough to eat?

More pictures tomorrow, if I actually have a Friday finish to share..

Meanwhile, a sinus infection has left me feeling like this:

And outside we are having high winds, and our yard looks like this:

It is literally raining leaves!

If you find my Christmas spirit anywhere, would you please overnight it to me? ;o)


Fiona said...

Yes, Christmas is looming up far quicker than expected.... and that binding is just lovely....

Sandy said...

Your binding looks delicious! I hope you feel better soon and find your Christmas spirit. Maybe you packed it away last year. ;0)

Anonymous said...

{{{{HUGS BUSTER}}}} your quilt is beautiful and your right about the speed at which xmas is approaching. It's alarming me. tammy

Kathy said...

Sometimes December feels like an episode of Dr Who - Time inexplicably speeds up, the world is about to implode and an endless reel of Christmas songs is playing in the background.........

yep - my spirit has wandered off into the ether - just can't get excited about the fat man at all......bah humbug!

YIPPEE...a finish!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you make a Friday finish!!!

You have been through a lot in the past month.

Good luck with the finish! Our trees have been nekkid for a while, can't believe you still have so many! Very pretty though :o)

Ann Jones said...

The leaves aren't fun to rake, but the trees look beautiful! I have so many things to do before christmas!

Manda said...

Yep Christmas is going to be here very quickly! Binding looks lovely!

How cute is Buster?!! The trees/leaves are beautiful but I'm glad I don't have to take the rake to them!! Good luck finding your Christmas spirit - maybe you'll find it in a box of tree decorations and fairy lights? At least that's where I'm hoping mine is!!

Becky said...

I really like the stripes on the binding. Way cute! Hope you are felling better soon :(

Those leaves look so pretty! The countdown didn't listen when I told it to stop ;) and yes I could eat that binding!

Christmas Spirits are tricky things, sometimes they pop out at the last minute letting us find joy in all the frazzle. I'm working into mine slowly, by writing cards and mailing packages ahead of time. The quilt is lovely and the binding very luscious indeed.

Betty Lou said...

I need to just jump into it-----we just arrived home last night after a long Thanksgiving vacation. There is nothing Christmas in my house and your little ticker counter has been nagging at me for weeks.

Megan said...

Those fabrics are so fun and bright! I love how the quilt turned out!!

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