Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thursday Think Tank

Hi, Rebecca Lynne! I'm joining your Thursday Think Tank this week b/c my brain is crammed full of things I need to/want to do and some of them are falling out, so in order not to lose them, I'm going to write them here.

This is what has been on my mind: (some of it is useful and some nonsensical but that's how my mind rolls since I became a just wanders all over the place!)

  • Need to bind quilt for my mom for Christmas.  (flying out next Tuesday)  First, must pick out which fabric to use for binding.  Maybe I'll just bind it with the leftover backing fabric. ??
  • Did Kim Kardashian really spend a katrillion dollars on a wedding only to change her mind after a couple of months?!  Wait.. focus!
  • Did they really find a baby seal napping on someone's couch in New Zealand?  Ahh, focus, focus!
  • Need to pack for above mentioned trip to my parents' for Christmas. The up side to that is my hubby bought me a great new suitcase for Christmas to use for the trip as my other one's zipper decided to break on our trip back from FL in Sept.  (Oh, look..some poor person's zipper broke and their clothes are hanging out onto the luggage carousel.. :( .. OH WAIT!  Ack! It's mine.. that's my dress!  Thank goodness nothing embarrassing was hanging out!)

  • Maybe I might be getting more done if I didn't finally cave to the pressure to join Pinterest. Hopelessly addicted.  And kind of obsessed with brown pillow ticking.. and red, or any other color.. thinking of creating a board just for ticking.
  • Quilts I'd like to make in the New (drama free) Year of 2012 (hehe-Rebecca)
photo from Pinterest via
Love the tiny wonky houses and have scraps calling its name!

an argyle quilt.. I swoon for argyle and have for years! :)
  • All things jelly roll related.  I have some jelly rolls just languishing and waiting to be used.  Why spend lots of time cutting when precuts are just sitting there staring at you?  This is on my Christmas list..
  • Must finish these two projects!

  • Oh, and CANNOT forget my three PIF gifts to make.  Don't want to procrastinate until the last minute on that one.  Have until August to get those out!  What to make?!!  What would you love to receive from a PIF pal?
Don't think the link is up yet, but head over here later to see what others are thinking/brainstorming about @ Rebecca Lynne's. Happy Thursday!


Kathy said...

Spooky coincidence - I have just this week joined Pinterest also! And I have agree...I am just hooked by it :) It's sort of like (impulse) shopping without having to fork over any cash. I am now following you on Pinterest too :) Have successfully pinned the beautiful wonky house quilt from your post.

Hi Kelli
I have the jelly roll quilts book and it is great, I also have three of their other books and I just want to make everything in them.

Hang on, wait, a baby seal?!

Okay, sorry, focus...

Yes, gotta love Pinterest, although I admit there are far more people following me than I'm following - I just use it as a noticeboard for what I've found in my blog travels, alas, I don't have time to trawl through others' boards very regularly (plus the follow notices come in with pin notices and I miss them - oops!)

Good luck with your list, I think mine needs a bit of revision!

Mrs A said...

love the first bag, i might have to put that on my list for 2012, the quilt would look great with the left over backing as binding, i sometimes just fold it over and sew the backing to make a binding in one. Have you ever tried vegemite? Thats a real aussie thing!

Go Go Go Go, don't stop but make sure you breathe once in awhile. Love the suitcase.

No wonder you can't focus with all that whizzing round in your head!! Good luck with it all and don't forget to breathe!!

Mmmm ticking. YUM! And yes, DRAMA FREE 2012. Let's start a campaign right? Thank you so much for joining TTT - I have been getting a bit lonely lately. I feel like I need to post Wednesday afternoon to catch all the Brits/Aussies out there... Hahahahaa!

Hilachas said...

Wow! You've done a lot and you have a lot to do. I know the feeling. I also am packing for a trip but spending my time on the Internet. Go figure... Have a wonderful Christmas!

Great post with great ideas!

quiltmania said...

I seem to have the same problem you do, trying to stay focused on what I need to get done. Oh well, at least we aren't bored.

I'm treating pinterest like the plague!! I've never even looked at the site because I know how easily I get sucked into things!! All your ideas are great, loving all you want to make and the things you already are!! ;)

Sharon said...

I recently joined Pinterest as well. Yes, it's very addicting. So many great pics and links to check out. :)
Have a safe trip and a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Kelli it is so beautiful and your grandma would be very proud,it will have helped you also in the grieving process to sew this quilt out of your grandma's fabrics,take care.xx

Megan said...

Jelly Roll Quilts is, hands down, my favorite jelly roll pattern book - definitely worth the investment! And I, too, have a love of the ticking fabrics. The red's my favorite right now. Last summer, I was digging the blue.

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