Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Accomplishments

Well, yesterday the five year old in my house managed to pull some more Christmas spirit from the depths of my soul by talking me into this little project:

I managed the frosting, he managed the candy.  I might have used my paint program to white out the mess we made all over the table. ha!  We made one last year, and he has been begging and begging to make one this year!  I wanted his hand in the picture so in ten years I can remember how small it used to be. :o)

Buster got into the spirit of the season by getting a belly rub.  My son took this picture.  

I love letting him run around and take pictures, and then seeing the world from his perspective when we look at them.  Thank goodness for the digital age.. he wouldn't be doing that if we had to buy and develop all of that film!  Wow, cameras that use film will be something that he will read about it history books, probably, or marvel  over in antique stores. ha!

We enjoyed the tree being up.  Here he is standing by a special ornament given to him by our story-time librarian.  I am so sad that we've outgrown story-time at the library.. going to school five days a week we don't make it anymore. We went faithfully for almost 3 years!

AND... I made 40.. yes FORTY more blocks for my bow-tie quilt.  Now just need to join them up!  I love sewing these blocks with my grandma's scraps.  

She was on my mind a lot yesterday, too, since it would have been her 94th birthday.  A sweet lady who left us with hearts full of wonderful memories.

Also had a lot of fun checking out the Christmas quilt show at SewCalGal. I hope you all had fabulous weekends and are enjoying the holiday season so far. :o)


Mrs A said...

looks very yummy! What a great weekend treat! love the photos !

Anonymous said...

Kelli what great job you and the little guy did of the train it looks fantastic,well done to you both,love the little ornament,yes the kiddies are growing up to fast.

Oh that train looks fab, well done both of you :o)

Congrats on getting through all those block too, wow!

jen said...

The train looks great!! I have actually banned making gingerbread houses in our home. Every year it is a HUGE disaster!! Kids fighting over candy, walls of the houses falling over and breaking...uggh! but I love you son's!!

Kelli that train is amazing!! What fun! Your son is adorable.
Great work on your Grandma's scraps, that's a lot of bow ties! I'm sure she'd be very proud :)

Hey Kelli - Your son is too darn cute. As are you, which is why I gave you a prize from the Christmas Quilt Show. Check out my post today at Quilting Hottie Haven! ( Looking forward to hearing from you. Beth

sunny said...

Way to spread out the Christmas cheer and fun! It's so much more fun when you have a little one to share those precious moments with.

The train is great! Looking forward to seeing the bow tie top completed, it's going to be great! Oh, and I love the photo of Buster!

fabulous train - no wonder your gorgeous little fellow was eager to make it!

Becky said...

The train turned out so cute! We have a tradition of making gingerbread houses, and it's always great fun for the grand-kids. Not too long ago it was my own kids making these, so I really love your idea of taking a picture of the finished project with your son's little hand in there :) :)

Natalie said...

What a cute train! The mess is all part of the fun :).

Linda said...

I miss having little ones at holiday times. All five of mine are grown up, but no grandchildren yet!

Kathy said...

Thank goodness for little people! It's so good to see life from their point of view. Cheers kathy

PS Kelli you won a give away on my blog a few days ago,so if you would like to send me your snail mail address I can post it :)

scraphappy said...

Looks like you've found your Christmas spirit. Savor every moment, the magic fades too soon.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the bow ties and the train how fun!

Patti said...

Isn't it great that a child can remind you about what's important! He did a great decorating job, and looks like a budding photographer!!
Kelli, your bowtie quilt is coming together beautifully. Such a lovely way to use fabric treasures.

That is a very cute train. Love the M&Ms! Dolly and I took a trip to Big Lots last night. They have the perfect chewy bone toy. . . very big (at least 24" long)- Dolly and Buster size. I thought about putting Dolly's in her stocking, but I don't think it will fit.

The Christmas train is so cute! And an excellent idea to put his hand in it.

Well didn't you all have a fun time and what a great idea to have the little wee man's hand in the pic as a keepsake! LOVE IT!


I wish I had a train like this ;-) My best friend and I made a mess the other day baking what felt like a billion cookies. The dog cleaned it all up ;-)

the train is pretty awesome. Where did you buy the kit?

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