Monday, December 19, 2011

Which state does Jesus live in, and ice cream cone trees..

I had never thought of this.. but it's a FAB idea and wonderful solution to the "gingerbread house disaster" that plagues some of us during the holidays.  I didn't even post or mention the gingerbread house kit that we attempted this year b/c it was so hideous.  (the train went miraculously well, and I didn't want to ruin that post with a pic of the house!) I ended up doing most of the work while my son ate the candy, the frosting was too runny, etc etc.  Embarrassing result. ha!

But the other day my son's little bestie from pre-K invited him over to make Ice Cream cone Christmas trees.  SO FUN!  And easy.  Fool proof!  

Stick the cone to the plate with white frosting (snow) and let them proceed to slather green frosting on it (tree) and then provide various sprinkles and candies. Just stick them on or sprinkle away.. (ahem-ON THE TREE, son!) 


They have been firmly planted next to our train..minus the candies that were eaten off of them. :)

In other Christmas-y news, today, the mini-mister was playing with his United States puzzle, when he looked up with a quizzical look and asked me,

"Which state does Jesus live in?"

(er.. Jesus doesn't live in the United States.)

"Well, where does he live?"


"But where IS Heaven?!"

(um.. the sky?)

"Do you.. take an airplane to get there then?"

(no.. -thinking of how to explain the concept of a soul to a 5 yr old-)

"How do you get there then?"

( have to die to go to Heaven, God takes you there.)

"But HOW does he take you there?!"


(well, your body gets buried,like remember --my gma's-- funeral?  then God takes your MIND to Heaven.)

"Oh. --frowns--"  

Ahh, sometimes I feel like such a failure at trying to explain the abstract to my very concrete thinking little boy! 


bichonpawz said...

I think you did well Kelli! Have fun with your little ones! These are treasured memories!!

Anonymous said...

i also think you did well Kelli,its very hard for the littlies to understand,lovely trees

Hee hee, I think I might have gone with 'he's with Santa at the North Pole' for now ;o) The trees look fab though!

Well, I am glad that he asks about Jesus!

Peggy said...

What a fun Christmas project! And you did great answering such a deep question - fabulous thinking in a 5 yo! Just think what's ahead LOL!

I think that's a great explanation! The trees look great!

Anonymous said...

You done good! I too use to struggle with these types of questions with my son. I found the best way to answer them was absolute honesty. Today, I don't regret for one minute doing so. Good for you for answering your boys question, many would have dodged it. Hugs and If I dont stop by again before the holidays, MERRY CHRISTmas! Tammy.

So cute! We decorated shortbread this morning so that face is a familiar sight!! Great trees!
I so enjoyed that conversation, hehehe! You did a great job and what a fantastic mind your son has asking such questions :)

He is too funny and soooo inspiring!

"Out of the mouth of babes"!!

Sharon said...

That is so cute that he asked where Jesus lives! You did fine. Simple answers at his age are always best. Don't worry, he'll keep asking questions as he grows older so you have time to prepare answers. :)

Mrs A said...

Icecream cone trees - sooo simple and fun, love it! though not sure many would make it to the table! My son was and still is a regular philosopher and would ask questions about the universe and why are we here - at 3 years old! He reads stuff beyond his years, interesting and thought provoking, he's 18 now.

Wendy said...

Your Christmas trees are such a good idea and very effective! I loved reading your conversation with your son.

Silvinha said...

Hi Kelly , children are so cute , is impossible didn t love a kid.
I have two, 25 and 23 years old , and I aren´t forget they said the same , the time is very quickly. ARE THE BEST IN OUR LIVE.

That the baby Jesus to bring all good health, harmony, unity and joy. happy 2012

Did you saw my blog ? I have Google translate:

Kathy said...

The trees and the train are great Kelli. Kids are so good at finding the really tough questions - you did a fine job of answering :)

Have a lovely Christmas with your family

Patti said...

Your son had me laughing out loud Kelli...he had such perfect, parent stumping questions!! You handled it wonderfully!
Love the cone trees too.

We made those trees in Brownies in 1978!

Linda Lee said...

These are adorable. What fun for everyone. I may try those trees next year with my grandkids!

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