Friday, January 6, 2012

First 2012 post!

It is so good to be home.  Still getting back into the routine of things, though.  Got home Wednesday night in time for this, which really looked better in person:

Then got up Thursday morning and met some other moms and boys for a little going away party at Chuck E. Cheese.. one of A's school-mates is moving. :(  Here they are "bear hugging".  The four little musketeers.  They have really bonded and become buddies, the four of them.

So now we are about to leave again tomorrow. This time to my in-laws.  Just for the weekend, and on the way there, we will be stopping at a baby shower.  Busy, busy so far.  No time, unfortunately, for sewing yet, though.  Although, it seems I'll have some baby things to make when I get a chance (a late gift for tomorrow's shower, and... ahem..Rebecca Lynne!) :o)

Teaming up with Rebecca, and in keeping with our joint resolution for a drama-free New Year, I made my first ever blog button!!  Feel free to grab it over there in the sidebar and join us for a drama free 2012, and occasional posts on stress relieving things/drama busters.  There is also a more blingy one a bit further down the sidebar.  I couldn't have done it without the free tutorials out there and most of all, without Rebecca and her HTML smartness!!

Our new year had a couple of minor glitches but, all in all, kicked off VERY relaxed and drama free.  Minus the two hour flight delay when we went to catch our flight home..  and a certain little boy suddenly doing the pee pee dance and telling me he had to go NOW, only to find five people waiting in line for the loo (I like British words).. two different times.. big thanks to a couple of sweet ladies for letting us cut the line--crises averted! And Austin throwing up upon landing.  Oops, a little motion sick.  But those are just minor hiccups in life.
He was a real trooper and napped most of the way home.

Remember his Christmas list?  
He really was so happy to get his own toilet paper! hahaha  Still mulling over ideas for a special holder for his personal paper! ;)

My Mom loved the bow-ties quilt and used it every night that we were there after opening it.

And I found some cute little crafty ornaments the day after Christmas--so fun to hit the sales with my Mom and SIL. 

Looking forward to getting back into some sort of routine soon, and playing with some fabrics.. and these two beauties that came home with me. :o)

I was going to bring these home with me.. 9-patches sewn of scraps that my Mom and I have both sewn through the years.  There are enough to make a queen, if not king, size quilt plus sashing fabric.  I forgot them this time, though.  

Oh well, I have enough to keep me busy this year!  2011 had its share of dramas, in all different forms, but my wish this year is that we all have a drama-free year.  I suppose things will happen, plans will be changed, hard times may come, but I will be trying to stay focused on all things positive.  Blogging has really helped me to do this, as I said before, and thank you all so much, again, for reading!  And for taking a moment to comment, now and then.  Wishing you love, blessings, and happiness in 2012!! 


Glad you are back home safe and sound.

bichonpawz said...

Missed you Kelli! So glad you are back home safely! Your poor little guy! Dealing with a bout of Food Poisoning while flying home from the Bahamas one time...I can relate to how he was AWFUL! I bet Buster was really glad to see you! Happy New Year!

Barb said...

You are busy....real the button!

Donna said...

Kelli, I love your new button and 2012 resolution so much that I blogged about it this morning. Thanks for giving us permission to use this button. I love it - and it too is my goal for 2012!

Anonymous said...

"Welcome home" and "au revoir" all in the same sentence! Have a wonderful weekend. It'll all be here when you get back... Happy New Year! It is time to get back into the routine.

Cute little button, too. Now I'm curious how to make one.

Welcome home, and safe travels again! Hope you get your drama free year :o)

quiltmania said...

Of course your Mom loved the quilt, it is beautiful. Here's hoping you do have a drama free year!

Becky said...

The sunset pic is beautiful, and they always are better in person, right?
I think the picture of your son with his pals is priceless! You will want to frame that one for his room:)
Love your New Year's resolutions!

great button - glad you had a good time over the season - and the problem with new books is the decisions regarding which one to make first!

Kleep said...

Good luck with everything, and all the best in the New Year!

jen said...

Boy, you are busy!!!
Happy New Year to you!!

Mrs A said...

Happy new year Kelli, I hope this year is all you hope for, I love the sunset shot, its gorgeous, as is the one of the boys hugging, thats precious! Will grab your button with both hands and plonk that on my blog, well done :) btw you look great in red tights !

Love that button! In my efforts to go Drama Free 2012 I am making cookies for a friend who is having a icky day. So I had to stop in and let you know!!! Hahahaha I am so glad he got his toilet paper! Hilarious!

My personal favorite British word/phrase is "loo roll", which seems especially appropriate given Austin's Christmas gift delight. The photo of all the boys hugging brings tears to my eyes. There are few things harder than helping your child deal with a good friend moving. Here's hoping you don't have to do it ever again!

Sandy said...

Whew! You are one busy person!
I love your new Button and the saying is Perfect!
Poor little guys having to say good-bye to one of their friends.

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