Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Swoon-y Project

Well, I started out the year with good intentions.  Finish my WIP's. No new fabric, no new projects, and all that.  And now, I must confess, I'm getting ready to abandon those goals. (I guess I already partially did, since I made the EPQD blocks, but those were scrap blocks at least.)  

I've been fighting the urge for a while, and the other night, while innocently browsing the fat quarter shop page.. (like an alcoholic innocently hanging out in a bar) I tripped all over my good intentions and fell flat on my face!

I bought a *SWOON* pattern!  *sigh*  It's winging it's way to me right now, and should be here by Monday.  (I also choked and bought some fabric for something different--but that's another post for another day.)

I just kept seeing all of these cool swoon blocks, and they just kept sucking me in further and further, and then I realized that the pattern calls for 18 fat quarters. ACK--I have a fat quarter pack with 18 fat quarters that I've been hoarding for a LONG time, and I think it will make a really sweet SWOON quilt.  

It is Mary Englebreit's Friends and Flowers line .. Love all of the colors..

And it has this panel..I could incorporate it into the backing..?

And, just on coincidence, I happened into the quilt shop across the street from my son's school (my car just veered there) and out in the bin on the sidewalk.. the 50% off bin, I see three prints and think hmm.. those look like ME F&F prints.. and they were!  So I stocked up on backing yardage.. I haven't seen that yardage around in ages, and there it was for $5 a yd.  Another sign that I should make the Swoon quilt with this fabric!

So, at least I can feel good that I didn't buy new fabric for the project. (except the backing that was WAY cheap.)  Even though I didn't make it out of the FQS website w/o getting some other fabric for something else.  Ugh. I'm soo weak! I need help.  It wouldn't help to take my credit card away either.  I have the # memorized.  Security code and all.  Yep, I really need help!

I'm always the last person to jump on any bandwagon, and I never know what the current "it" fabrics are, either, but even though I'm late to the party, I will be swooning along with everyone else.  Oh well.. What else can I say.  Good bye NY resolutions.  

OH! Except for the No Drama in 2012 one.  That one is going great. :o)  In fact, stay tuned b/c there will be a giveaway soon in celebration.  A tandem giveaway with Rebecca Lynne.  Woo-Hoo!

Happy Weekend!


bichonpawz said...

Oh have no idea how much I can relate to this post!!! I said I wasn't going to buy anything craft related right now.

My hand accidentally veered over to EBay a little while ago...and I inadvertenly purchased a new Cricut! Yikes! Ah well....guess we only live once right??

ROFL, I hate when things leap into my shopping basket like that... ;o)

I don't make goals.. that way I don't have to say I didn't succeed. Fabric shopping is my idea of retail therapy... why fight it??? How convenient that the quilt shop is located where you have to pass it so often...

Can't wait to see your Swoon blocks! And you were destined to get that yardage, why else did your car take you past your LQS?!

the planets were obviously aligned and you were destined to make the swoon quilt - enjoy!!

Libby said...

Swoon is such a pretty quilt! I can't say that I have ever see na bad one. and yours will be BEAUTIFUL in that ME fabric. I am really excitied about the back too!

Betty Lou said...

Perfect pattern for your ME fat quarters. Let's face it we are all addicted, thank goodness it's fabric.

Anonymous said...

Kelli, After 4 years of making said resolution regarding fabric, supplies, patterns... I just plain gave up and found a new tradition. I can't pass up a great sale especially with the price of fabric and supplies today. It's ridiculous. So dont' feel guilty. REJOICE for you can keep your hands and mind busy another day!!! :) Hugs T

GIVEAWAY... be sure to stop by and put your name in. Bring friends.

Anonymous said...

I have seen pretty swoon blocks popping here and there. I can't wait to see yours.

I know what you mean about shopping..yesterday my friends and I went out for a shopping therapy. I have enough fabrics to last until I retire but that does not stop me from getting more. :)

Peggy said...

But how is a girl to resist? Honestly, it's all just too tempting! Those are going to make a wonderful quilt, and we'll all be swooning! LOL!

I guess many of relate, but I haven't memorized my cc # as of yet. We did well for awhile. I love those large packs of fat quarters, I have 3 in my stash and I have used one so far. Sometimes I think it is the way to go because all the fabrics match so well. Have fun.

sunny said...

Like the time I came out of a quilt store and told dh I had 'accidentally' purchased some fabric. After all, I hadn't gone in there with the intention of buying anything!!! As long as the mortgage payments are made and the children have food, your addiction is okay in my book.

JoAnne said...

Wow, that fabric is going to make gorgeous Swoon blocks. I bought the pattern a few months ago, but haven't started it yet. I can't wait to see them!

Brandie said...

Hehehehe! We are all so weak. We will find any excuse to buy fabric. Favorite cousin getting married, have to buy a new fabric. New pattern, it'll just look better with cheddar.
Don't feel too bad, we all do it.
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Happy Swooning. I too had pledged to finish my UFOs ( 2 down so far YEAH) before starting something new. But I must say I am very tempted to start a swoon quilt.

Fiona said...

It doesn't count when you are buying stuff to add to a specific project you are working on with fabric from your stash.... the swoon is fantastic and I will enjoy watching yours grow

Googy Girl said...

the swoon quilt is gorgeous, every gal needs a little bit of fabric sometime....even weight watchers says that you shouldn't deny yourself, a little fix occasionally is a good thing

Rosa said...

Can´t wait to see your Swoom blocks with that beautiful fabrics!
Happy sewing!

Angela said...

That's gonna make a great quilt! I don't even try to be trendy with my sewing..... that's a pressure I don't need.

Melody said...

So glad you are taking part in this. I'm going to Swoon-a-long too.

Al said...

I just bought the pattern on Friday. Even though I'm so behind on *everything*

I can't help it. Swoon is just so pretty.

It's always nice to start the new year with a new project. Especially if you truly love all of the fabrics. Dolly and I are looking forward to seeing your progress and hearing how much Buster is helping! LOL

Deborah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have not done so well with my resolutions not to buy more material or patterns...or books. I'll work on the other resolutions, hopefully do better with them and enjoy the fabric, patterns and books I just bought!

Remington said...

Beth was tempted on Sat. to buy another quilt project but said NO we must finish this one unlike her....

lol, I decided last night I was going to do a swoon block, rather than the whole quilt, i'm tempted to make a 48" block and add some borders to start with, it'll also help me with my stash and I can't buy a big fat quarter pack, postage is sooooo expensive :( I love the panel, it's going to look so cute on the back, great idea to use it like that too...

Patti said...

Ha! Well, I "accidently" ordered the Swoon pattern as well and it arrived on Friday! Move over every other project!!

Hey, the drama one is the best one not to have!

Wendy said...

This looks a lovely project Kelli, and your fabrics look beautiful, gorgeous little panel! I look forward to seeing your blocks.

Woohoo! You go, girl! I can't wait to see some progress on that swoon quilt.

I'd be sucked into that pattern as well - beautiful squares!

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