Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sew Peaceful Saturday

I have been needing a weekend like this for a long time! Just a relaxing lazy weekend.  It helps that my hub is on vacation, too.  He usually works weekends.  It's really great to have him here with us, and throw all of our "need to do's" out the window and just have a fun family day.  Ahhhh.  

And on top of the wonderful day we were already having, look what came into my inbox today!
Beth Helfter of EvaPaige Quilt Designs (visit her blog here) was asking for some volunteers to make blocks for her.  Each volunteer has to make four blocks.. out of scraps.. one for her group quilt project, and then each of us will get three blocks swapped back to us.

I haven't signed up for any QAL's, although it's been tempting, b/c of the time involved, but I figured four scrappy blocks could be something I could commit to. Very doable. :o) And might even help me (force me) to get out of my rut.  

You can read about the project over at her blog.  She is a funny, talented, mom of three, quilt designer.  Who claims that we may have been separated at birth.. the DNA will prove otherwise, but a solid circumstantial case could be made from the brief exchanges we've had over the web.  Although she is a talented quilt designer and got to be in the Brownies, and I'm not and didn't. lol  I am looking forward to working on these blocks. :)

Some other high points to our relaxing day have been:

Dusting off the cruiser for a ride around the neighborhood with my son.. the weather can't be beat right now!  Very spring-like.. although we need rain and the mountains need snow really bad right now!  Might as well enjoy it though. 

Went to Lowe's (a home improvement store/center) for their free Saturday project for kids.. which included the cute apron and mini goggles. :o)

his tongue is always out when he's concentrating!

Here is the finished project:

And we couldn't leave the store until he collected paint chips.. his favorite pastime at Lowe's. :o) And today he had an apron with pockets to keep them in!

Buster went for a walk, took a dip in a pond, and then hung out by the tree enjoying his collection of toys that Austin dumped out for him on the lawn.
He is a big furry beast but he sure has my heart!
I am hopelessly in love!

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! I'm looking forward to the four blocks I have to make, and picking out the scraps. :o) Off I go!


Melody said...

Buster is so adorable and so is your little handyman

Joan said...

Love your blog ... have a wonderful weekend with your great family :)

bichonpawz said...

Sounds like a great weekend Kelli!! Thank you so much for thinking of me and putting Buster front and center!!! I am in love with that furry beast as well!!! He is positively adorable!!! I SOOOO wanted to get a newf...and my husband said no...too hard to RV with them. I'm still sad about that.

So, I am totally enjoying watching Buster grow!!

Happy Sunday!

meg said...

What a great family day you had! They are so important and so precious~take 'em when you can! Your lil' guy is adorable and I share the tongue-thing with him. I guess we are just creative people, right? (And I so want to mess with Buster's "bangs"...)

Ellen said...

I really like the design of the swap block - perfect for scraps! This pictures of your son and dog are wonderful.

lovely post - your buster is so much bigger than mine - we recently clipped ours and he's even smaller under all his fur (he's a heinz 57 variety, very, very hairy and just a little bit dumb!)

scraphappy said...

What a nice family day. Glad you were all together and got to enjoy some time together.

Raewyn said...

Sounds like you had a great day, having some lovely family time. That's a neat block for the scrappy swap project.

Googy Girl said...

what an adorable little handy man....and i love buster i can see why he has your heart...

Remington said...

Hey Buster! Nice to see you! Sounds like a great weekend!

Aww, sounds like a fab weekend! I think my first 'other person and commitment free weekend' of the year is in 4 weekends time *sigh*

Michele said...

What a fun weekend! I'm glad you had time to enjoy being with your family :-)

Looks like a great weekend and I love the castle!! Buster is so cute!!

Wow this looks like such a great weekend! Um, let's see, here there is about 5 feet of snow and we basically all recooperated from our respective colds all weekend. Bleh. Maybe I'll get something done this weekend? Can't wait to see your 4 blocks!!! xo B

Okay, I'm replying again just to let you know that I think I am now a non-noreply blogger. I'm so relieved that I will no longer be disliked by bloggers everywhere. :) At least I hope not. And I hope it worked. God only knows with me. Anyway, thanks for sending some more SNY participants my way! I truly cannot wait to see all these blocks in my mailbox!

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