Friday, February 17, 2012

FNSI Swoon Edition

Aside from today being "Pirate Day" at preschool, it was also 

 ..along with the day my husband left on a 3-day work trip after being on vacation for a while.  Which means I am solely in charge of the pirate for the next 80 hours in a row. :o)

..which also means that FNSI results could be iffy. ;o)  BUT, my favorite pirate was very well behaved, and I was able to complete my goal of one FNSI Swoon before midnight.  And since he's sleeping like an angel, I'm going to blog about it now, in case I don't have time tomorrow.


Messy kitchen table:

Made the SAME cutting error--ugh, see excuse reason later in post:
..but managed to patch this one together, too. Someone commented on my last post about "if someone on a galloping horse can't see it" .. which made me feel a lot better. :o)

Ha! Lame attempt at "artsy" photo:

Photo for Flickr pool:

Wow, I could really use some photography lessons!  I really admire all of you out there that take such great photos.  

So even though I've screwed up the cutting TWICE now, I still love this pattern.  It would be really fun to make a scrappy one some day.

I'd like to blame my cutting errors on the fact that I'm taking a medication right now that "may make you drowsy".  Don't they all say that?  Anyway, it's true confession time.  I'm taking it to combat the mother of all allergic reactions that I developed last weekend after apparently being allergic to some new vitamins I was taking.  Well, I'm not allergic to vitamins of course, but I may or may not be allergic to whatever is in the vitamins that shapes them into gummy animals with fruity flavors.  That's right.  I had to admit to my Dr. that I was taking gummy bear vitamins.  Yah.. I'm mature. LOL  ???  Anyway, that's the back story to the reason I am blaming all of my Swoon cutting errors on one tiny white pill that allows me to function throughout the day without my skin itching so bad I want to jump into a pool of acid! 

Anyway, if you're new to my blog, sorry for the over-sharing.  It happens sometimes. :o)

Here are the three I have done so far.  Just hanging over the back of the couch.  The Mary Englebreit fabrics are so happy, I'm looking forward to #4 which will have some red in it.
Really lacking good pic taking skills!

I'm looking forward to checking out all of the FNSI links this weekend.  It's a 3-day weekend here in the U.S.  Hooray!

Oh, don't forget about the giveaway that Rebecca and I have going on right now. Two layer cakes, one at each of our blogs.  You can enter here and here, four chances at each place. We will pick the winners on Feb. 25th.

Have a great weekend!


Loving it again...the fabrics are gorgeous...well done on achieving FNSI success given the double whammy of pirates and allergy medicine...hope you start to feel properly better soon...

Anonymous said...

I love when you put all the three blocks together...they are the colors (I know I already said that..but I just love them :D).

Nothing wrong with taking gummy bear vitamins -- at least in my opinion office and my bedroom are filled with stuffed animals but they make me happy -- that's my excuse ;)

Theresa said...

Another lovely block, the three together look great. Hope your allergy problem soon clears up, itching is horrible.

Is it bad that I chuckled about the reason for your allergic reaction?! So sorry to hear it though, hope it clears up quickly.
The blocks are looking great!
Have a great weekend :)

Lol, gummy bear vitamins? :oD Well hope the meds keep working and you get past your swoon block mental block ;o)

Maria said...

Another beautiful block Kelli.
Pleased your pirate behaved...

Gayle said...

Beautiful colours, beautiful block, beautiful. pirate.

How productive and efficient you are! I'm envious....GREAT results from FNSI. I have 1 daughter and sometimes I find it easier when the husband is away....bc I can control it all! :-0

Gummy bear vitamins? Fabulous! Sorry you're allergic to them though, I hope it clears up soon and your cutting gets back on track! Maybe put some brightly coloured stickers next to the measurement so you know to watch out for it?!!

Love your Swoons! I cut one out last night - after two glasses of wine - probably not smart, but I don't think I made any mistakes. Where I make my mistakes is in sewing the thing together - LOL! I also would love some tips on taking good photos, so I feel your pain (although I think yours are fine). Hope you feel better soon!

meg said...

Better to cut your fabric wrong than your fingers! I am falling for this 'swoon'-mania but if I read correctly I'll have to invest in the pattern and a mind-altering substance to participate.
Okay, I'm game!

Beautiful block... who cares about cutting errors... you fixed it, yes? That's all that counts...

Your photos are just fine... you're keeping it real!


Brandie said...

Still loving your fabrics for these blocks. The really are happy blocks!
I was 35 when I discovered I was allergic to strawberries. So now I have to stay away from anything remotely red and fruit flavored. Sad thing was, I had just started liking strawberries.
So sorry to hear about your gummies. They probably taste so much better than the grown up kind. Hopefully the itches go away soon, as long as you know it was the gummies.
Take care

LittleBook said...

Beautiful blocks! I'm so sympathetic to the picture issue. I took a photography class for bloggers once and the teacher basically said you have to have as much natural light as possible. Well, I live in the woods and I only have time to take pictures at night! So, I'm left with fancy camera tricks and slightly dark pictures. I have to say that I like them just the way they are.

JoAnne said...

Arrr, those be lovely Swoon blocks! (Weak pirate talk) Do not be ashamed of the gummy vitamins. I sent them to my husband in Afghanistan! He loved them. I take them, too, mostly b/c regular vitamins make me nauseous. Adults take 2 gummies, so I take one in the morning and one in the evening and they don't me queasy.

Becky said...

Love your swoon blocks and can understand your frustration. However, they are turning out great, so no worries.
I always blame my lack of picture-taking skills on my camera. I'm pretty sure that the nicer the camera, the better the photo's. Mine is not high-end. I have learned a few little tricks, but I still don't take very good pictures. Sometimes I just have my daughter step in and take them for me (ya, confession time).

Over sharing is fine, I love the swoon block I was considering making the swoon myself I got as far as purchasing the pattern.

Patti said...

Bad, bad gummy vitamins! Apparently no one explained to them how important FNSI is! Hope you feel better soon, and make good use of the excuse while it lasts!
Medicated or not, your Swoon is spectacular!

Kelly said...

I enjoy following your blog & I appreciate you following me as well. Next week, like all non-Blogger blogs, I'll no longer have Google Friends Connect so I hope that you will stop by my blog and continue following me via Linky Followers.
My link is on my home page:
Thank you! Have a great weekend!

I have some of those fabrics!! No wonder I love your swoon blocks so much. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I do hope you are feeling better soon (real soon if you are going to be cutting wrong! LOL!!)

Wendy said...

You're a fantastic story teller - I love to read your posts. Your blocks look lovely, I certainly cannot see any cutting mistake. The fabrics are beautiful!

Ellen said...

I really love these blocks! I have been tempted and so far have been able to resist but how long can a girl hold out. Hopefully, you will have the cutting business figured out and your troubles will be behind you!

Karen said...

Another beauty and look how nice all three look together!

Beautiful blocks! I never use a flash when I take pictures, that might help you.

Polka dots and swoon= beautiful! I have to admit that I never cut 3 7/8 when a pattern for HST calls for it. I cut 4 and trim the HST down to the correct size after. But I grew up with the metric system and only use inches for sewing so I find all this 1/8 , 5/8, 7/8 business still a bit confusing.

Anonymous said...

I love your block, love the yellow fabric, and it looks so good with the green!

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