Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A non-Swoon Doggie Post

Today is the Share Your Pets edition of Tuesday Treasures over @ Melody's house on the side of a hill.

I could not write this post without mentioning our dog, Duke, who we lost the summer of 2009.  He was 13 years old, and we had to make the dreaded decision.  I originally blogged about it at my old blog in the summer of 2009 and posted this slide show:

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but haven't had the time or energy to sit and go through these photos on the computer... We lost our dog, Duke on June 22nd.  He was almost 13 years old.  He was just a puppy when I met my husband.  We really got to know each other taking him for walks.  All these years later, he was a big part of our lives.  Saw many changes.  Protected me and made me feel safe when I lived alone..  it was while walking the dog that Chris, my husband, proposed to me.., he was there when I sold my house and moved into Chris's house, when we brought our baby home from the hospital, and when we moved to the house we now live in.  I feel lucky to have had such a good dog.  He taught Austin a love for animals and how to be gentle and kind to the elderly since he was already a "senior" when Austin was born.  He was such an easygoing dog.  Anyway, here is my little tribute to him, along with some listening enjoyment..  We will always love our Duke the Dog!

Austin was not quite three when we lost Duke, and he grieved hard!  We all did. :o( 

Then, a few months later, we were needing another dog in our lives and along came Buster.. our new family member who stole our hearts right away!  He's a mess but we LOVE him!!

Baby Buster:

The look that said 
it all!  

My little one is definitely a 'dog person'. :o)

and there is sure enough of this one to go around!  He's grown so much in two years!

Both of them have.. :/

Time just flies by too fast!!  Gonna link up @ Melody's Tuesday Treasures.  I heard a rumor that there might be prizes?  Maybe you'd like to link up too! Happy Tuesday. xo


sunny said...

LOL! Are you sure he's not half horse?? You've been very lucky in having such wonderful dogs.

What a lovely post! I love the photos of Buster and Austin!!

ROFL, even as a puppy Buster's bigger than a lot of dogs! Glad he and your son have so much fun together though :o)

Snoodles said...

I just think big doggies are the bestest...we have a Great Pryenees mix and she's so sweet!!
Love your post!

Teresa F. said...

How can a little puppy grow so much!!! He seems adorable anyway. I love big dogs but I live in an apartment I can't have one that size but i would if i could.

Fiona said...

dogs make up a special part of our homes.. and Buster looks like he has done his part in yours...

Duke obviously was such a special fellow and we miss them so much when they leave us. Buster sure grew up to be quite a big fellow.

Anonymous said...

I love reading about this :)

Duke sounded like such a sweet dog..and Buster seems so active..thanks for sharing the pictures..looks like Austin and Buster really have had so much fun together. ;D

Wendy said...

Lovely post Kelli, Buster sure is gorgeous! I thinks it's great for kids to grow up with pets and learn how to treat them with love and care.

Anonymous said...

Kelli i so enjoyed reading your post and how special your dogs are and were,love how Austin is mates with Buster,so cute.xx

Kathy said...

There is something wonderful about a child growing up with a dog. They become such faithful friends and constant companions :) Austin and Buster look like the prefect fit for each other.

jen said...

I love that my kids are able to grow up with Gentle Giants in their lives, it just warms my heart to see them snuggling!

What a nice story and great pictures!

Cath said...

I loved your pet stories Kelli. What a beautiful dog Duke was. His story brought a lump to my throat. And Buster? wow, what a big boy he is! I had a Newfoundland when I was in my teens. Her name was Tammy and she was impossible! So lovely to see your son have such a wonderful relationship with his "big" mate.
Bits 'n Bobs

Jenniffier said...

Oh my gosh what a cute puppy you have. You can just see the love between the dog and you boy :)

CheleLew said...

What a great story about your dog Duke. It was so similar to my story of Beauregard, the basset hound. He was 10 days from being 13 years when we also had to make that decision. By far the worst days of my life. What a big and handsome boy Buster is. The picture of Austin and Buster on the couch - beyond cuteness!

Here's a post I did about my beloved Beau: http://churndashcottage.blogspot.com/2007/07/my-beau.html

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