Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sew Failing To Sew!

It's been a while since I posted anything here.. b/c really we have been so busy that I haven't been able to work on my Swoons. :-(  

I did manage to clean up my sewing space, though, and get all of my fabrics that have been kind of multiplying and going rogue all over the place stacked into some clear plastic zip bags.  The kind that comforters, sheet sets, or curtain panels come in when you buy them in the store.  I knew I was saving a couple of those for some reason.  Now they can go neatly (even in the floor) in a spare closet and I can still see the fabrics.  They would even slide nicely under a bed. 

This is the ME F&F yardage I found to use in the backing of my Swoon. Tucked into its zipped up container.

Here are lots of random FQ's and larger scraps.  Underneath is one with bigger pieces in it.

Combine lots of preschool activities and play dates, and another trip out of town to the in-laws for a family birthday dinner over the weekend (turned into a four day trip), and then throw on trying to clean and organize the house and conquer the laundry, and kablam, where did the time go?! 

For some closing eye-candy, look what was staring at me when I clicked on my Pinterest page this a.m.?  

I love houses, and I love wonky stars, and those trees.. The cuteness of this is almost unbearable!  I think I need to add a version of this to my quilting bucket list.  

Off I go to do more laundry, dinner-making, cleaning, and catching up.  And then maybe some Swoon-cutting. (fingers crossed!!)

Happy Wednesday! xo


Kathy said...

Am lovin' the wonky houses/stars quilt.... Anything with houses is ok by me! Good luck with getting back to swoon - I love this pattern :)

Raewyn said...

I love those duvet/pillow/etc bags too for storing bits in... my stuffing, and my pieces of batting have a home in those. That pinterest pic is really cute - I agree wouldmake a neat project. I saw some'double stars' (in a block of a month?) recently that would look neat in this. Happy swooning - when you get to it.

Cool Pinterest find, good luck with your swooning!

This comment has been removed by the author.

well at least you're organized and you can see everything! That quilt is very cute :)
Happy swooning!

Besides the houses and the stars, I like the randomness of the quilt too.

Mrs A said...

Its a challenge to be organised! You have done a great job! Love the quilt its very cute.

Sounds like you are totally organized in the sewing room - hope you got a chance to do some sewing...

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