Sunday, February 26, 2012

Swoon #6 brought to you by a cancer PSA

Yesterday, I had a very important decision to make.

Finish Swoon #6 or clean the house.  If any of you think I cleaned the house...

THINK AGAIN! ahahaaha  :o)

To be fair, I cleaned a little.  And sewed a lot.  One has to stay sane, right?  I was able to get a picture of them all together, barely, but I don't know if I will be able to after this.. they take up a lot of room!

And now for the cancer part of this post.  I was contacted a few weeks ago by Melanie Bowen from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and she asked me if I would be willing to post an article she had written and link to the blog.

Of course, being a cancer survivor, I said yes.  I did not have mesothelioma, however, but Hodgkin's Disease.  In stage 3A of 4 stages when diagnosed, and 8 months of chemo and 4 weeks of radiation, which ended just before my 20th birthday and I have been cancer free ever since.  I believe Melanie's article can apply to all who have experienced or are experiencing any kind of cancer, and can even apply generally to life.  Thanks for finding me Melanie!

Write Yourself Well

For anyone dealing with any health challenges: from depression to mesothelioma cancer, writing can become part of wellness therapy.  Recording aspirations, thoughts, feelings and occasions is therapeutic and inspirational both in the writing and in the reviewing of what has been written. Dr. Weil cites medical studies showing that people who journal experience higher immune function and lowered frequency of chronic physical symptoms.

Goal setting is not only going to get you where you want to be, it will give you a sense of direction and a sense of accomplishment.  If you don’t know where you are going you cannot choose your path.  Embrace your life; take charge of its direction.

Accomplishments require three main steps:  dream, discipline, and delight.  Identify your desires and record them.  Whether you choose a journal or an online blog matters not.  This proactive step is about finally living on your terms, whether it is for wellness or for dreams you’ve always possessed but never acted upon.  Whatever your desire is, take the first leap into making it come to fruition by journaling about it.

Discipline does not have to be a scary word; all it really means is that you are at the action stage of reaching your delight.  Record your plan in your chosen format and continue to add to it, change it and edit it as you go through the discipline process.  Take joy in being self-motivated and accountable to yourself.  Take comfort in the flexibility to change every single thing about your plan if you want to do so.  It is your plan.

Record your thoughts and events that occur along your road to fulfilling your lifelong wishes and along your road to wellness.  You will enjoy reading through it, and it is a tangible reminder of how far you have come.  Reviewing at least part of your records each day is a tool to stay focused and optimistic.

The delight of accomplishing your goals is the reward you reap from going through the discipline process.  Imagine how you will feel to write, “I did it!” in your journal or blog.  Later, reading about your delight will buoy your spirits as you head toward the next goal on your list.

Writing your dreams down suddenly makes them more real and more reachable.  So, write it all down.  Write about taking the doctor’s prognosis and tossing it out the window.  Write about the trip you’re saving for.  Write about your fitness goals.  Write about the book you’ll write, the degree you’ll earn, the healthy foods you’ll eat.  Make a list a mile long if you wish.  You can accomplish anything with three simple steps:  dream, discipline, and delight.

See?  Blogging is healthy! :o)  I KNEW it!  Thanks again, Melanie!

You know what else is healthy?  Having a dog.  Random fact:  Petting a dog for 10 minutes releases oxytocin in both you and the dog.  This is the bonding hormone that is released in nursing mothers when they are feeding their babies.  It also lowers your blood pressure and your heart rate. :o)
Buster the other night at the dog park. He had such a good time that he collapsed in the bushes for a rest on the way to the car. 

Blogs and dogs. :o)
Healthy and Drama Free!


What an important blog today, thank you for sharing.
I have to, have to clean this Tuesday.
I love your dog, my friend in upstate NY breeds them.

Great Swoon, and very inspiring remainder of the post!

I have 2 dogs, twice the goodness! Love that blue in the swoon.

Wonderful post - thank you! Oh, and I love your Swoon!!

Anonymous said...

love the #6 swoon and how they look together..I think I might have to grab this pattern when I go to the U.S. next month. :)

Thank you for an inspiring article! I never know that petting a dog could be that beneficial...too bad I live in a condominium and no pet is allowed. :( I love reading about buster!

Sharon said...

Great looking block, Kelli! So happy that you were able to beat the cancer!! I totally agree about dogs. Anytime I get stressed, my husband tells me to go pet our dog. HAHA!!!

Ellen said...

Great post - good advice that can be applied to many different situations.

Still loving your Swoon!

Anna said...

Wow, what a story! Thank you for sharing this. And your quilt blocks are so pretty!

Karen said...

Wonderful post Kelli and how I love the blue and yellow swoon!

Your blocks are so beautiful! You are right, that is going to be huge when you are done. You and the boy AND the dog can all snuggle under it. No clue where the hubby will be. :) I've been wondering what kind of cancer you beat but didn't feel I could ask. Now knowing what you beat and how you did it makes you all the more special to me. ITA writing is healthy - for me it's a mental health thing - and I hope the article encourages people to do just that.

Robin said...

This was an excellent post. I know exactly whom to give it too, she really needs it right now. Thank you.

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