Wednesday, February 22, 2012

swooning along in the sick house..

So I finally got over whatever allergic reaction I had to whatever I'm allergic to..just in time for my son to come down with bronchio laryngitis. :( Raspy breathing all night, barely able to talk..

One Dr. appt., plus one inhaler, plus a trip to the store to get a new humidifier b/c we couldn't get the old one to work, plus the ENTIRE (as in did not move) day on the couch watching cartoons-which has NEVER happened in his 5 years of life, and the entire night with the humidifier going and he woke up breathing better and talking.  Whew.  What a relief.  

He has rarely been sick in his life, (all those times I caught him chewing on the cart handle at Target as a baby must have built his immune system!) so when he gets this sick, it just almost makes me physically sick.  It's so hard to watch your kid be sick.  Parents who have kids with chronic illnesses are my heroes.  I can't imagine the strength they have!

So while he was on the couch, I spent my time Swooning over #5. (in between surfing the DVR for cartoon after cartoon--thank goodness I hadn't erased all of the ones we had recorded, they really came in handy!)

So here is #5, in my classic blurry photo style. :o)  It's red and black, I like it a lot.

This particular secondary fabric reads as a solid, but it really isn't. It has a cute little swirly pattern that I love.  The lighter green in the #4 block has this same swirl print. So does the yellow I'll be using next.

Next, I will be cutting out #6.  I have the yellow pieces cut, now just need to cut the blue.

Here is the Swoon family so far all laid out in the floor with my little step stool hiding a little stain on the rug. LOL

I will say it again.. I LOVE this pattern, it's so much fun to sew. :o)

Giveaway is still open, just scroll back a couple of posts to enter.  And have a great Wednesday/Thursday.  Gonna link up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and Making Rebecca Lynne for TTT. xo


Cathy said...

It's looking swooningly good. Wonderful pattern, I've done a quilt out of it, too. I hope your little one feels better soon. It's nice to have time to sew, but that's not a great way to get the time.

Anonymous said...

Love that color combination. Really pretty block.

Raewyn said...

Sorry to hear you've had a tough time with your son, sounds like he is on the road to recovery, ... but I love your resulting swoon block. They are all so lovely - your fabric choice is gorgeous!

JoAnne said...

Loving the swoon blocks! I hope your little guy gets better soon. It is hard when kids get sick.

Aw. I'm hoping the boy gets better really soon. Another point of similarity - Greta had croup (same type of illness I believe) a couple of weeks ago. She missed a couple of days of school and a birthday party. It was all very traumatic. But she's back to normal now, and I am sure your cutie will be too.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that your son is getting better. :)

The swoons look so gorgeous together. :))
I love reading your posts. You have such a great sense of humor...building immune system by biting the handle of the cart @ target? *LOL*

Teresa said...

I'm loving your swoon blocks! As for having the sick kid, BTDT. Even being a nurse (adult ICU) didn't prepare me for being a mom when my own kid was sick. Never felt so helpless. Thank goodness for good doctors and good drugs!

Teresa said...

I'm loving your swoon blocks! As for having the sick kid, BTDT. Even being a nurse (adult ICU) didn't prepare me for being a mom when my own kid was sick. Never felt so helpless. Thank goodness for good doctors and good drugs!

Manda said...

Hope your son is better soon!
Love those blocks!

Anonymous said...

wow Kelli everywhere i go bloggers are swooning,lol,your blocks are fantastic,well done.xx

bichonpawz said...

Sure hope your son is feeling better today!

You are right, I do like the red and black combo too...

Swoon blocks are super. I don't know where you find the time. I hope your little guy gets better. I remember those nights.

Swooning along nicely there! Hope the wee one feels better soon, I totally sympathise, I had tonsillitis and laryngitis last week, which then moved on down to a chest infection that I'm now on high dose steroids, inhalers and antibiotics to get rid of :o/

I hope your son is on the mend. It's horrible having sick children. Your swoon are looking wonderful :)

meg said...

Sending prayers for your little guy~
I think I like this block the most (so far). Just curious-- why didn't you lay out your block to cover the lil' spot instead of using the step stool?
(My mind thinks odd things before 6AM...)

Sorry to hear that your son is not well. It's so hard on us mamas when our babies aren't well (even if that baby is 36!).

I love fabrics that read as a solid ... but have some interest/pattern up close.

Anonymous said...

Love those swoon blocks, too!
Sorry your little man is not feeling well. Glad to read you are better!

Maria said...

Hope your little pirate is feeling much better now.
WOW your Swoon block is lovely.

hope he feels better soon! cute swoons.

Glad your little one is feeling a bit better, I hope he fully recovers soon! Love all your Swoon blocks - this is going to be a fabulous quilt!

The swoons look great, I can tell you're having fun! Glad you're better and hope the little one is 100% soon :) It is heartbreaking when they're poorly

Your blocks look great! Hope your little one is gonna recover soon!

Patti said...

Another great Swoon block Kelli! They look great together. Happy to hear your little guy is on the mend.

Allison said...

It is so hard when your little ones are very sick like that :( Hope your family can enjoy good health from here on out. Your Swoon blocks are looking lovely

Melody said...

Sorry to hear you have a little sickie, hope he feels so much better very soon. I'm swooning over your Swoon blocks - amazingly beautiful.

This one turned out so cute too. I love that little swirly pattern too. I really enjoyed sewing it when I was making my quilt. I almost hated to cut it, but I did. It looks great in your blocks, so glad you aren't afraid of cutting it either. And so glad your baby is better. Being sick is horrible, poor little boy.

Wendy said...

I hope your son is back to normal, respiratory illnesses can be so scary. I love your new swoon block, they look beautiful all together.

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