Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back on the Swoon Wagon

Last week, I nearly fell off the wagon, and lost interest in my Swoons, but some very sweet people  lent their encouragement, and I plowed on to finish Block #7!  Here she is.

I love red, and I love dots.. so I think this might be my favorite one now.. I'm kind of in love with it, but I like them all.  That being said, ironing these pieces of red dots, on top my of red polka dot ironing board cover.. bliss. :o)

(I managed to match some points!)

Now #8 (green print with yellow dots) is cut and marked and pinned and in the process of being sewn together.  I don't know what I was thinking last time saying I might have two blocks to post this time. hahaa  

Didn't quite happen.  Yesterday morning, an hour after drop-off, my little mister had to be picked up from school.. this time he had thrown up!  So many things going around right now. *sigh* And they are so thorough, even militant, about hand washing at school but I guess with kids, things are still going to go around. :(

I'm looking forward to finishing Swoons #8&#9 and getting the top completed.. b/c I can't stop thinking about cutting into my stash of Rainy Days and Mondays by Riley Blake.  

I thought I had found a pattern for it last fall.. (free Riley Blake pattern)

..but recently I found a different one that I like a lot better.  I think it will be gorgeous!  It's called "Celebrate" and it's a free project pattern sheet from Riley Blake also.

I think the larger diamonds/harlequin-ish pattern will show off the umbrellas better..  I've had this fabric for ages and just couldn't bear to cut into it, but now that I'm 100% decided on the pattern, I kind of can't wait.

But I will squash back my Quilter ADD and focus on finishing the Swoon!!  Because I love that one, too.  Thanks for the virtual support and cheering on!

Gonna link up with the Thursday Think Tank @ Rebecca's.

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Brandie said...

This is my favorite block of all. Keep it up, it's going to be gorgeous!

Heh, I don't think it was me with the sweet encouragement, I'm sure I told you you had to for those of us living vicariously through you ;o) Anyway, this looks great and love the red with the polka dots. Good luck with #s 8 and 9.

Gayle said...

Great block, love the colours and the dots.

The Swoon block is great! I hope to tackle that one myself someday. :)

And I think the celebrate pattern is a perfect match for those fabrics!


Hilachas said...

You're moving right along with your Swoon blocks. I managed to make one so far but have not even chosen the fabric for my next one. I need to get busy on that. Can't wait to see your finished Swoon top.

Remington said...

Love the choice of colors! You do amazing work!

#7 looks great!!! Hope your little one gets better soon x

I love the red dots and the blue print together - gorgeous!

Sorry that you've got "the crud" at your house. It's making its way around these parts, too. So far the ones I love have been "crud-free". Praying that your little guy will feel better *soon*!

hahahah me too... In theory it is a good thing but I fall for something new quickly. You're finish of block seven is beautiful !!!

Sue Daurio said...

love the red dots! I agree one of my favorites. But I have a thing for green and yellow so not sure the red dots can hold up over the last block. Can't wait to see it.

I get bored with things but I am also a finisher. I just have to get done and move on. I think that's why I never start BOM's. It would drive me crazy to start on something,then put it away for another month.

Good for you for pressing on and I love the umbrellas!

Just love the red dots!!!! The umbrella's, love them too and I think your new pattern will be so nice to show off the umbrella's. I have seen so many nice patterns lately and can't wait to try some of them but have to finish what is on the table first. *sigh* Nice job on matching the points. The block is super!

Kris said...

Kelli - This is my favorite swoon block so far!! Glad you kept going because you are doing a great job!! Hope your little kidlet is feeling better!! Kris

Bev C said...

Hello Kelli,

Gotta love your red polk dots. Have fun with your sewing. Hope your little one is feeling much better and hasn't decided to share with you.
Happy days.

Diane said...

glad you kept going this block is just lovely-the quilt will be too-good for you controlling the quilters ADD-you are made of strong stuff!

Brenda said...

Love this block! Of coarse red is one of my favorite colors and I love dots also! You are going to be so proud when you finish this one. I am not attempting it. I do want to make some granny square blocks though, just need to finish a couple of projects for this months birthdays. Also a thank you for stopping by!

Michele said...

Your Swoon block is certainly beautiful! Great fabrics :-) I recently had to pick up a boy at school for the same reason....ugh! I guess no matter how much hand sanitizer you use, and how much they wash they will still get sick, especially at this time of the year :-(

Wendy said...

Your swoon block is beautiful, I agree the polka dot is perfect for it. Young kids do seem to pick up all the bugs, it does improve with age!! Wendy xx

bichonpawz said...

Hey Kelli! I love the bright colors of this one!! Awesome work!!

Kerry said...

Ohhh, I love your Swoon block. What's not to love , anything with little dots always gets me. Can't wait to see them all finished.

I agree, that second pattern is going to show off those blocks a lot better. Finish that Swoon so you can start! Or better yet, start it anyway. That's generally how I roll.

Tiffany said...

I have a stash of Rainy Days and Mondays too! I started a kaleidescope quilt with it last year - really need to finish that now that I think about it! Definitely one of my favorite lines - can't wait to see yours.... once you are done with Swoon ofcourse! ;-)

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