Monday, March 19, 2012

Giveaway News--Please Read!

Remember this party that we are all enjoying?

You will not be able to win, even if your name is drawn, if you are one of these:

Lots of bloggers like to respond to their comments/entries, so if you have spent the weekend entering all of these blog hop giveaways, and haven't received a response from anyone thanking you for stopping by or for entering, then you are more than likely a "NO-REPLY BLOGGER".  It simply means you have not allowed your email address to be seen, therefore if you win, there is no way to contact you to let you know! Yikes!

Which you will need to fix by following the simple steps in this post from 4 You With Love:

CLICK HERE so that you can spend a couple of minutes fixing the problem. 

I'd hate for someone to spend so much time entering all of the giveaways only for nothing!  And I have noticed that a surprisingly high number of comments on my giveaway are no-reply bloggers.  So I'm sure it's the same for other giveaways, too.

Hurry and enable an email address to be linked to your account!  So that you can be notified.. In case you win!!  I'd be so sad if I picked a winner that I had no way of getting a hold of, and had to pick another. :(

(It's really easy to fix--go do it!)


I love that you are educating the people. ;) How are you???

bichonpawz said...

We are all good here Kelli...thanks for the PSA!!

i'm good because of the last time you posted about this

Rhonda D. said...


Thank you for posting this!!
I WAS a "no reply" blogger...
that is until I followed your
instructions! Take care!!!

I love that reforming the world of their no-replyage is clearly your reason for being. I could not believe how many of those who entered to win my little magazine were no-repliers - like practically every one of them. Argh. But no one realizes they are one until YOU, Kelli Fannin, let them know, so you just keep going, girl.

I love this post. I always reply by email to comments on my blog and I hate it when I have no way of thanking people for stopping by.

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