Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Day Winner and Thursday Think Tank

The blog hop was so much fun yesterday!  Thanks to everyone who entered--I haven't had time to answer each and every comment personally, but thanks for entering and making it a fun day!

I just picked my winner randomly via the Random # Generator, and it picked Quilt Happy, who blogs over at wont-to-be quilter.  Congrats!! I will be emailing you!  Your prize will be coming very soon, as it will arrive in your email inbox and won't have to depend on the postal service. :o)

I also found out that I WON something! Yay!  I won this pattern from Teresa in Music City.

So this Thursday Think Tank has me thinking about how much fun giveaways are.  Not just the winning part, but the giving part.  And when you have a tandem giveaway with a blog buddy like Rebecca, it is even MORE fun!!  

I am also thinking about how I need to bite the bullet and finish cutting Swoon #7.  I have hit a stall point, and I absolutely CANNOT lose steam, like I typically do.. I don't want this one to end up an eternal WIP or gasp! UFO.  I have just been excited about other things in the last week or two, blog related and non-blog related, but I definitely need to get back on the bandwagon and keep Swooning along to a finish!  Hope to have some time later tonight to blog surf and see what everyone's been up to!

Happy March 1st!
Congrats Quilt Happy!!!

Gonna link up with Rebecca Lynne @ Making Rebecca Lynne for Thursday Think Tank.


SWOON SWOON SWOON SWOON...come on you only have 2+ to go!!! You can do it!!

Snoodles said...

Congratulations to the winner!
Come on now, you can do this! Keep up the good work on your Swoon blocks! :)

Nooo, you can't give up on the Swoon now, some of us are swooning vicariously through you... ;o)

You are doing so well on the swoon, don't give up now. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

congrats to the winner and congrats to you Kelli on your lovely win.xx

quiltmania said...

You are so right about giveaways being fun. Thanks for hosting one, and congrats on winning one. Twice the fun!

Congratulations Quilt Happy. C'mon Kelli keep on swooning your nearly there. Keep on swooning, keep on swooning, keep on swooning.

Melody said...

Don't give up on your swoon now, it's going to be gorgeous.

What? I didn't win? Oh, I think I forgot to enter. LOL Congrats Quilt Happy!!

Yes, you have to finish Swoon because I'm not doing it but enjoying you doing it. See how this works. You work and I enjoy.

Don't give up on the Swoon! Come on, you can do it!!!

Congratulations to you and Quilt Happy :)

Sandy said...

Can you hear the crowd chanting? "Swoon! Swoon! Swoon!" Instead of lighters, we are holding up our WIPs! You can do it!

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