Monday, March 5, 2012

Magazine Cover (+Swoon#7)

Remember a couple of Friday Night Sew-Ins ago, when I made some blocks to send off as part of a group quilt?

Well, that Scrappy New Year group quilt project has now been turned into a pattern, called "Kickin' Stash", (love the name!) and there will be a Blog-around next week to debut it!  Congrats to Beth @ EvaPaige Quilt Designs.  
(that aqua green block on the far left is mine)

Congrats not only for having a new pattern coming out next week, but drum-roll... TA-DA!  Beth's quilt, "Quite Contrary", has made the cover of Quilter's World Magazine!  Here it is front and center of the April issue, which officially goes on sale today.

If you want to read about her excitement on the day she found out about her cover girl status, go read this post at her blog.  It is hilarious and you can feel her excitement oozing right through your computer screen!  

Beth is one of those people that I've found in blog land.. well.. hmm. She found me, I guess.  Virtually accosted me really and forced me to be her friend by giving me a prize, and telling me, after reading some of my blog, that we were separated at birth.  I think I might have mentioned that here before. :o)  hahaa  

The more I get to know her, the more I am starting to believe her.  We recently discovered that we were even born the same year, and.. our kids (5 year olds) both had the same illness recently, at nearly the same time.. on separate coasts.  I told her that if she ever goes down with a heart attack to call me from the ambulance on the way to the hospital so I'll know to expect one, too.  That way, maybe I can shave my legs before I have to call the paramedics..

Anyway, I'm so happy and beyond excited for her to have made the cover of a magazine.  And if you pop over to read her post, you'll see how over the moon excited and happy she was, too!  So fun!!  I asked her to send me a couple of pics of the quilt that she had taken herself, so she sent me these.
(her twins, Eva and Paige, company namesakes, laying on their respective quilts)
(I love that they chose their own color scheme for the paint in their room!)
(and another version made by her faithful pattern tester, Ranae)

I'm going to have to go and hunt down one of those magazines!

In other news:

  • Look who's discovered that it's fun to watch TV upside down.  Did you do this as a kid? (I did.) :o)

  • Remember the allergic reaction I had that left my hands burning and itching like MAD?! Well, it's gone now, and in the healing process, the skin on my hands has started peeling like crazy!  So weird. Little flecks of skin coming off and sometimes big pieces. Ew, right?  I think it's almost all done now.  I hope that NEVER happens to me again!
  • I finished SWOON #7!!! Thanks for the encouragement! (you know who you are) :o)  Here's a preview.  I'll post about it later, this post is getting kind of long! Maybe I'll finish another and have TWO to post!

The points matched up pretty good.. Now I'm off to vacuum up what's left of my hands off of the carpet. Eye roll. ;)

P.S. Beth is giving away a copy of Quilter's World Magazine @ her blog Eva Paige Quilt Designs.  Head over and enter. :)

Happy Tuesday! xo


bichonpawz said...

Beautiful quilts Kelli! That is really weird that you two are so alike! I think we all watched tv like that when we were kids!

Melody said...

So glad your itching has finally stopped. Your friend's quilt is fabulous, I'm off to her blog to have a read now.

Michelle said...

Kelli, Congrats to you on your block making it into the quilt. How exciting! Congrats to Beth as well on the Cover shot. I will have to run to the store and get that issue! I have made many new friends through my blog as well! Wonderful thing the internet and blogging! (when it is used for good) Glad your hands are better!

Congrats to your friend, and WTG on getting that block done... only 2 more to go, get to it lady!

I'm laughing at you hoovering your hands up, but then I've been there with eczema, it's kind of gross lol

Fab news!!
Can't wait to Swoon over your blocks and so glad you've recovered :)
Yes I totally did that as a kid... might have a go now!!

Remington said...

Very nice! I am happy your hands are better.... How many quilts have you made for Buster? Lots, I bet!

Wendy said...

Your friends quilts are beautiful, how exciting for her! All your similarities are amazing. Glad you're getting better, love your fun post.

A lovely post full of exciting things (well, apart from the skin shedding!!). Well done on finishing the Swoon - can't wait to see it! Off to visit Beth's blog!

Sandy said...

What great news! Congrats to Beth! So glad to hear you have finished another Swoon. Thanks for the sneak-peek!

You make me feel so famous. Thanks so much for all the gushing. Just another way we are alike! Go cuddle little Almanzo for the evening.

Denise :) said...

Gracious -- watching TV upside-down is definitely for the very young -- it would give me a headache, now!! And I get that allergy thing on my hands, occasionally. We haven't figured out what it's from, but it has the same end results and leaves me hands looking icky for a couple of days! Then it's all better! Weird! :)

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