Thursday, March 29, 2012

more Kickin'Stash blocks & a new quilt shop!

I was so excited to get some more Kickin'Stash swap blocks in the mail!  If you're not tired of reading about it yet, or if you're a more recent reader, you can read this original post about the swap or this post about the pattern.

We were each supposed to get three blocks swapped back.  Mine were put into two envelopes, and only one arrived.  The other one disappeared in the post!  Either some sticky fingers at the post office or it's stuck to the bottom of someone's mail cart.  Either way, Beth @ Eva Paige Quilt Designs insisted on sending me some more.  Because she's cool that way.  :o)  And yippee!!  Look at this one!  My mail box has never been happier. :o)
The penguins are soooo cute!!  This pattern would even make a good "I Spy"!

Swap block #2:

Swap block #3: 

And I also found my original sock monkey block in the package:

And together with this one that I made a week or two ago.. I now have a total of 5 KS blocks:

No plans for them yet, though I think they'll turn into a scrappy quilt when I get enough of them for a top.

My other sewing plans fell by the wayside after we made a rather spontaneous trip to the inlaws house this week for a couple of days to visit.

It was pouring rain as we drove through Sonoma.. it's gorgeous grape growing/wine making country!

So pretty!  But even prettier?  This new (to me) quilt shop on the outskirts of Sonoma.. we have been driving right past it for TWO years and I have never noticed it!  

So cute on the outside:

And positively dreamy on the inside:

Dreee.Meeee. !!  And HUGE!

Look at all the books..

There was even a side room with lots of kids' prints, and 30's prints, and a Thomas the Train table!!  Austin had a great time there, while I roamed around the store, and that is even my hubby in the pic looking at all of the books.

And.. they have a long-armer there that does all of her quilts custom and for really reasonable rates. Her machine is set up in the classroom .. oh .. did I mention the classroom?

So.. guess where the Swoon is going?  Yep, I made my decision.  Just as soon as we make another trip over there, the Swoon will be dropped off.  The rates are so reasonable that there is really no reason for me to "practice" on it and mess it up.  Here is the long-arm in the classroom space:
Look at all that yummy, rainbow-y thread back there!  

If you're ever visiting the area, you HAVE to stop here!!  I seriously wanted to move in.  And live there. 

Buster, however, was ready to come home.

Next time, I will share pics of what jumped in the pink bag and came home with me from Broadway Quilts.  It's a good thing that shop is two hours away, that's for sure!  What IS it anyway, about colorful fabrics that draws me like a sun bather to the sun?!

Gonna link up with Thursday Think Tank @ Making Rebecca Lynne.


Your swap blocks are going to make a wonderful quilt and I can't believe that shop! I didn't know such a place existed in the whole world! I think I want to emigrate...:)

How exciting. Can't wait to see what is in that bag :o)

Isn't fun stopping at shops, I travel and it is a great adventure. I am trying not to buy fabric until June/July though. I have six fabric shops in a 20 minute drive in my area. Love the blocks you received.

Patti said...

Fantastic fabric shop! Love the elephant pillow above the books!The best part is finding a long arm quilter!! Yay for you! Looking forward to seeing the Swoon in all it's glory.

I'm so happy for you that you found 1) a great quilt shop
2) a place to quilt your Swoon.

Snoodles said...

Fabulous swap blocks! I need to get that pattern and start whipping my scraps into line! LOL

The shop looks fabulous!! What a lucky spot by you!!

Heh, very worthwhile trip there!

Melody said...

Wonderful swap blocks and how fabulous is that store. Can't wait to see what you bought.

So glad you like the blocks Kelli. The penguins and the green ones are ones that I made. What a quick and fun block. Can't wait to make more!

Sandy said...

OOOoooo! Nice quilt shop! I can't wait to see the finished Swoon quilt.

I wanna see what's in the bag, too ;-)
I dont know what it is that draws us to the fabric, but i was like that even before i started sewing.

Brenda said...

Does look like a great stop! Thanks for stopping by! The quilt swap blocks look like a lot of fun.

Wendy said...

How lovely to receive such lovely blocks. The quilt shop looks gorgeous.

Hilachas said...

Wow! What a wonderful shop that is! Your blocks are beautiful. Did you ever finish your Swoon quilt?

Those swap blocks are going to look great together in a quilt (how funny that you got your sock monkey block back!)

Oh, and that quiltshop- I´d love to have some place like this in reachable distance.

Paula said...

Love your blocks. Yes it is always nice to find a good quilt shop, you can never get enough of that kind of shops. Looking forward seeing what is in the pink bag!!!

Jenniffier said...

Oh what a lovely shop. I will have to go there the next time I am out that way. I am not a big wine drinker so maybe after I tour the winers with my family who do enjoy that I can force them into letting me go to a qulit shop :)

Karen said...

Wow! Fabulous blocks and that looks like a ready nice quilt shop.

Anonymous said...

love all your swap blocks..they are so pretty!
That quilt shop does look so dreamy..I wish I could drive up to Sonoma. Thanks for sharing your experience.:)

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