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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bee, Bingo, & FNSI

So excited to get sewing tonight for FNSI, but first, I need to say a huge THANK YOU to Sharon over @ Lilabelle Lane for this yummy Bee Block I received today!
I LOVE it!  Thanks Sharon!  It's always fun to see this in your mailbox--
--and know there's going to be something yummy inside!

I also received an email last night from Irene @ Hilachas telling me she had an extra card made for May for Me Bingo and would I please use it and join in?  I said sure, count me in, but I still am not clear on the rules and all that.  I'll be finding all of that out soon.  The deadline to link up is 4/22.  So here is the Bingo card-- (thanks Irene!)

This is the info for the card:

B - bird, handicap sign, telephone, flip-           flops, cat
I - pencil, duck, sun, umbrella, school bus
N - birdhouse, cherry, free space, lady bug, fire hydrant
G - tennis shoe, dinosaur, shirt, pajamas, owl
O - purple crayon, turtle, dog house, cup cake, boots
And the Bingo is being hosted by:
Now I need to go and link up to officially enter.
And start on my FNSI projects--
--pillow cases, a couple of burp cloths for a friend who just had a baby, and Bee Block #4.
Before I go.. here's a pic of my favorite "bear". :o) Who is enjoying himself some air conditioning for the first time this year.  Supposed to be hot this weekend, too!  Good thing we tried out the AC yesterday (it wasn't working) and had the repair guy come today and fix it!
Happy Sewing!! (can you hear him snoring?) :o)


Hi Kelli, so pleased that you block arrived safe and that you like it. I was wondering what the noise was and I thought my Pug had a snoring problem! lol

The block your received is lovely, your 'bear' is too cute!!

Anonymous said...

lovely block from Sharon,cute bear.xx

Have fun with the Bingo, and hope you got your list sewn. I was wondering what that noise was when I was trying to go to sleep last night...

Ellen said...

Gorgeous block - I can see why you are so excited. Lucky you receiving the Bingo Card - quilt bloggers are so generous!

quiltmania said...

Bear is just so cute, I love when you post pics of him. And yes, your quilt blocks are great too. LOL.

Yes, you are summmm busy gal!! You must be a fast worker and yes, a great block from your 'international' friend!!!

Cat said...

Oh that block made by Sharon is simply gorgeous

Love your bingo many unique pictures!

Just got your Bingo card all logged and ready. You still have a few hours to make one for Buster. He says he wants one.

Leonie said...

Gorgeous block and lovely Card!

Linda said...

You lucky girl-I hope you win with your bingo card! I can't wait to play. Have fun!

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