Sunday, April 8, 2012

A BEE question.. Help!

So I finally did a little fun sewing at my new sewing table, instead of just cutting!  Some Easter fun. :o)

After looking through the Modern Blocks book, and deciding on a block (with the help of my little sonny who said, "THAT one!!"), I started looking through fabrics.. and my first ever BEE block started to take shape.

And here she is:

I love how it turned out.. BUT.. here's my question and mild dilemma.  Since this is my first Bee, I don't want to be the one that does it all wrong. ;)  My block isn't square.. AND--if I square it up, it won't be quite 12.5".  The edges are kind of wonky and skewed.  

So my question:  Should I square it up, and then sew a small border around the whole thing to make sure it is 12.5", or should I let the recipient decide how she'd like to trim it, etc.?

If you were the recipient, which would you prefer?

Thanks in advance to anyone who chimes in with an opinion.  In the meantime, this little baby will sit folded up while I figure out what to do.

Other than the wonky edges/size issue, I really like how it turned out.  It's the "pathways" block designed by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.  Am I making another Bee blunder by saying that?  Is it all supposed to be kept a surprise until the recipients receive their blocks?  I'm such a Bee greenhorn.. I need some sort of Bee etiquette book. :o) How many times can I say Bee in one post?  hehe

Hope everyone has had a Happy Easter and a great weekend!  Thanks again for any tips that you have.


quiltmania said...

I think I would just leave it, and let the recipient fudge it in the seam allowance. Looks good though.

Hi Kelli, I think it will be perfect as is and I love the color combo ;o)

The block looks great, I wouldn't know how to answer the question but I think they are right.

Lisa Lisa said...

I know absolutely nothing about bees or bee etiquette, but personally I think if I were the receiver, I would rather receive it like it is and then figure out how to make it work. I love the colors and the design!

Al said...

Love the fabric choices in that block!

If it was being sent to me, I'd want it just as is (My own blocks seem to be a lil' wonky). 'Cause I might be able to straighten it out in seam allowance or if I really needed it then I could sash it.

Sometimes if I'm *really* worried about a block I'll email/post in flickr and point out exactly what's bothering me. I've always gotten great feedback from beemates that way.

..I'm so long winded on this one! Sorry!

Joan said...

I would agree with all of the above :)

Hmm, we have a questionnaire in our bee which includes the 'square it' question, I guess if not stated, send it unsquared

Barb said...

I would just let the recipient know that it is not squared up and let that person do it. Least ways that is my opinion.

I agree with all the above... and I LOVE THAT BLOCK! Those colors are Perfect together!!!!

No, I´d leave it like it is! The pattern and the color combo are great and I´m sure the person who receives this block can straighten it in the seam allowance. But to tell the truth I don´t know anything about bees and their etiquette...

(I NEED to have an ironing board cover like yours! Polka dots! *swoon* It´s awesome!)

Snoodles said...

I've never been in a bee, so this is just my humble opinion, and you know what they say about those....
I'd send it on unsquared, and let the happy recipient (cos it really is gorgeous) decide which way she wants to roll. :)

Cat said...

I love the block and I'd leave it ::))
I've received blocks that are 12.5" and 13" blocks that are wonky - BUT each and everyone is made with love ::))

Katina said...

I'm going to have to be the one to differ. If the bee states the block needs to be 12.5" then it needs to be 12.5" AFTER it is squared. I would go ahead and square the block, add borders to make it big enough, using the yellow or other print, and then square it again to 12.5" That way it matches what everyone else is doing. It is frustrating to get a bunch of blocks that match in size and then get one that is smaller.

Then, ask what everyone else would do with this dilemma so you know for future reference exactly what the group does.

Hope this helps.

Sandy said...

I have never done a bee, but I would want to receive your block just the way it is. Cute block!

Ellen said...

I don't know anything about Bee etiquette but I do know that the block looks great!

Deb said...

Such a cute block. I would leave it as it is and let the recipient decide. If it doesn't quite fit the front of the quilt, it can always go on the back.

Leave it as is. :). Great color placement in the block! Which one is that one? I'm to lazy to go flip through and find it. Are you enjoying the bee experience?


You know, I think I am so cool with the stuff I do on my blog and then I come here and I feel totally lame. How do you find all these cool contests, bees, etc? It must be like a full time job!

Anyway, as a sometime diva of group quiltmaking, I say leave it as it is. When you are part of a group project, you just have to accept that if there are 56 people in the group, there will be 97 different interpretations of a 1/4" seam. You also have to keep an open mind about how far blocks might just stretch to fit. It will all work out and the recipient will love it.

Now, how do I join this modern bee? :)

Everyone told you the right answer. Leave it. I've been in several bees and you get all different kinds of blocks. Yours will be just fine. Be confident in your good work.

Leonie said...

Gorgeous block! As everyone else has said - I'd leave it as it is. We all make it work :)

Beautiful block! I would ask the recipient what she would prefer.

It is an awesome block! I so love the Weeks/Ringles quilts. Fresh and beautiful just like your block!! good work.

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