Monday, April 2, 2012

BQ Loot & Rainy Days Progress

I'm happy to say that I've made some progress with my "Celebrate" Rainy Days and Mondays project.. maybe I will call it Rain Dance, b/c the fabric makes me want to do a happy dance. :o)
This is how big the diamonds will be.  They fit perfectly on the FQ, couldn't have been any bigger.  I enlarged the pattern to 125%.  I am really happy with the size, and how it showcases the umbrellas.

It's such happy fabric!  Almost done with the cutting, only have the white sashing pieces to finish up with and then the cutting will be done.  And then I can actually SEW.  Yay!!

Still haven't sewn at my new sewing table, but the cutting mat fits perfectly at the other end of it, and is working out great.  And.. this is my view out the window--loving the sunshine!
This pic was taken at 7 p.m. but believe me, it's very sunny in my new sewing corner! :o)

And, I promised to show what jumped in a bag at Broadway Quilts and came home with me the other day.  I am still having withdrawals from that shop. *sigh*

I was good though, and only shopped in the sale baskets.  I picked up these three *yard cuts* b/c they looked pretty and summery together.  I figured they were all from the same line, but the stripes are from a different line.

And then I picked up some some baseball theme prints for pillow cases, also in the sale basket:

(for the trims)

And then I found these two patterns, one is perfect for jelly rolls, and the other is one I had pinned on Pinterest.  I was so happy to find it there!  As I love all things argyle, and have the perfect fabric in mind for it.

My mind and my wallet are really glad that Broadway Quilts is over two hours away.  My heart wishes it was right down the street. :o) I'll bet my husband is super glad that it is not down the street. haha

Happy Tuesday!


sunny said...

Looks like you made some good purchases. Tell dh that fabric shopping is cheaper than therapy.

quiltmania said...

Mmmmm, your new purchases look delicious!

Lisa Lisa said...

Love, LOVE all the fabrics! I know you'll have fun with every single piece :) You SEW girlfriend!

Maria said...

Love your new fabrics and Sunny's right.

Leonie said...

Lovely fabric - I have some of the green umbrella one too. Happy fabric, happy corner, happy spending! Bliss x

Mrs A said...

I love all those fabrics, you did good! You have a lovely view from your room also, have fun!

Anonymous said...

some great buys there Kelli,love the umbrella fabric,well done.xx

Loving the look of those diamonds, and yes, bet your husband is ecstatic about its lack of proximity ;o) Personally I only have to answer to the bank manager, but he can impose scary penalties lol

Ellen said..., great fabrics! I am looking forward to seeing the quilt made from diamonds and also the argyle quilt.

Remington said...

Getting new fabric is SO much fun! It always makes Beth smile! Enjoy, my friend!

G-I-R-L....if that shop were just down the street you would be in soooo
much t-r-o-u-b-l-e...ALL THE TIME! HA!

You are right, I too would be doing the happy dance with that yummy fabric. I am soooo anxious to see it sewn, GET TO IT!! HA!

If our husbands had any clue what we really spend on fabric we would all be divorcees. I love what you bought!

Hilachas said...

What wonderful buys you made. I love browsing through fabric shops. Now, if I could just limit it to browsing only...

Snoodles said...

New fabric to pat and talk to...what fun! Looking forward to seeing the "diamonds" progress. :)

Barb said...

Those are some big all of your fabrics.

Brandie said...

It does look like happy fabric even though it's umbrellas, which we only use in the rain. But somehow it works.

You definitely brought home some yummy fabrics! The rainy days fabric looks great. It's hard to find now! I guess my husband would understand your husband only too well ;-)

Cat said...

What gorgeous fabrics - I must say I'm loving the first one ::))
Ahhhhh the sun - remind me again what it feels like

Sandy said...

All the fabrics are fantastic!

Take it from someone who lived only 2 blocks away from her favorite quilt shop. My car always turned into the the quilt shop's parking lot after work. Dinners were always late. The house was over-flowing with fabric and the latest quilt gadgets. It's a good thing we moved before I went broke or the house burst at the seams!

felicity said...

Nice acquisitions!

And I have to say your blog title is absolutely perfect!

You were so good to shop in the sale items. I have a really nice shop that is an hour away, don't go too often and it is a good thing too. I love it tho. I do love your umbrella fabric for your diamonds. And the sunshine is nice this time of year isn't it? I love spring!

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