Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Modern Sampler Bee Block

Wow.  I mean.. just.. Wow.  Check out the first block I received from Cat's Modern Sampler Bee.  They aren't due until June, but look how happy my mailbox was this week!  Leonie sewed hers up and mailed them pronto, and suddenly there it was.. in my box, all the way from Australia New Zealand. 

It's a 12 1/2" block, and I asked for bright rainbow-y colors, with grey background..  isn't it brilliant?  *LOVE*

I have been mulling over which block I will make for everyone and hoping that they will like them.. this is my first Bee.  Thank you so, so much, Leonie!!!  I adore it!  Beyond words! :o)  

If that wasn't enough happiness for my mailbox, look what else came.. I've had some luck in the contest department..

..Reuben the donkey pattern from Kathy's Friends with Benefits giveaway @ Sew Happy House,

..Dresden ruler, note cards and quilt pattern from Becky @ The Quilting Book Lady (St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop),

and these sweet, SWEET FQ's from the Berrima Patchwork Blog (St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop). I'm in serious love with the trailers. :o) I'm sleeping with them under my pillow tonight. Is that weird? LOL

One last thing.. if you have been thinking about adding any new quilt patterns to your collection, or have been thinking about getting the Kickin' Stash scrap pattern by Beth Helfter, head over to her blog and read her latest post.  She will be donating part of the proceeds of each sale of any one of her patterns to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund for the month of April.  She has a very personal connection to this cause, so new pattern, and raising money for cancer research?  I'm all in on that one.  Do head over there and read about it if you have a minute.

Happy Thursday!


Leonie said...

Awwwww!!! I'm so glad you love it!! yay yay for all that happy mail - love it all! oh and erm... i'm in new zealand... I'm just so thrilled you like it!! Cant wait to see what you decide on! Have a great weekend! xx

Oops! Sorry, Leonie. ;o) I got mixed up.. I'm sure a couple of those pkgs came from AUS. I'm so confused in my excitement to get so many things in the mail in one week! :o)

Anonymous said...

lovely block kelli,Leonie is very clever,love the colours,and congrats on your wins.xx

Melody said...

What a gorgeous block - people are so creative. Fabulous wins too.

Maria said...

What a great modern block you received.....

WOW lots of great goodies and I just LOVE LOVE the trailer fabrics. could make a great quilt for my van out of that...

Remington said...

VERY nice! So many fun fabrics! I am on my way over to check it out! Thanks!

Gayle said...

Concratulations on your wins. Love the bright colours in the block.

Loving the bee block, very bright and cheery. Lucky you with all those wins too... I'll try not to be too jealous ;o)

that's a rockin bee block! i wanna get in on a bee, eventually. i also loooooove those campers! campers are fantastic. lucky you!

Lisa Lisa said...

What an awesome bee block!! You're a lucky girl this week! I don't think you're weird at all for sleeping with your fabric ;-) That is so cool that Beth is donating her proceeds to cancer research!! Love that!

I love all your new fabric and other prizes and your bee block is stunning!

Hilachas said...

That is certainly a beautiful block you received from wherever :) Congratulations on you wins. I love to receive packages in the mail too. Continue having a happy day!

Snoodles said...

Gorgeous block! You'll have to show us what you decide to make!

Angela said...

You DID have a great mail week! It's super fun to get packages from actual people in other countries -- to me that just is amazing! The block is beautiful!

WOW, great wins! Fabulous block too :)

Fun stuff. I really like that modern rainbow block.

Sandy said...

Beautiful block! A perfect rainbow of colors.
Wow! Congrats on all your winnings. Excellent prizes!

Anonymous said...

the block is very pretty...I have never participated in a bee block before..would love to but not sure where to find one.
You really do have great lucks in the contest department. Congratulations! :) I just got a Dresden ruler and can't wait to try it out.

Cat said...

Isn't it just the greatest block
And I can't believe she's finished !!! Waaaaaa
I've made 2 so far - eeekkkk

bichonpawz said...

Wow! That is beautiful!!! Love all the pretty colors!!

Wendy said...

Wow, that block is lovely, you certainly got some gorgeous mail!!

I congratulate You on great prices. I really envy You. All the best! Debuko

Gorgeous block and you have been one lucky girl...

Oh another pattern....I could be tempted. I go over and check it out.

Gmama Jane said...

My word!! How did you get so lucky?? I never win! You must read a lot of blogs! I'm lovin' those trailers myself. I've never seen those before. Who is the designer on that line of fabric?? I gotta have me some of that!
Gmama Jane

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