Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Bee Blocks..

..and Thursday Think Tank.  Here is another sneak peak of Bee Block #2:

Which also had this Mary Englebreit fabric in it:

OH, btw, Target has lots of little Mary Engelbreit things in the dollar spot section at the front of the store right now.. bookmarks..

..note card packs, sticky notes, etc.  so cute.  All for $1.

Anyway, I got distracted!  Here is a sneak peak of Bee Block #3:

And another:

And a preview of #4:

Okay, I will just show you #'s 2 and 3.. I think my color choices could have been better, but they came out the right size this time!  Hooray for that.  :)

And thank you thank you to everyone who chimed in with advice or opinions re: my Bee Block #1 not coming out to size.  The majority opinion was to just send it on the way it is, and that is even what the recipient requested that I do.  But, I have decided to stick some of the gray and white fabric in the package along with it, in case she would like to sash it with one of the matching prints.  I appreciate all of your help!  

Now if only I can focus and get #4 sewn together tonight!  Tomorrow is Friday Night Sew-In.  Pillow case fabrics are ready!

With Bee Blocks on the brain, I'm linking up with Rebecca's Thursday Think Tank over at Making Rebecca Lynne.  It's been an eventful week here, I hope your week has been going more smoothly!  That's all I will say about that!

Happy Thursday! :)


i would hate to see any thing i made for some one else because when i cook for some one else something falls

Sandy said...

The Bee blocks are shaping up very nicely. I love the fabric combos!

Well done on getting them all done!

Angela said...

Your blocks look good! My favorite is the yellow and gray.

Wendy said...

Your blocks look lovely, it's nice seeing the variations with different fabric, all beautiful!

jen said...

Hi Kelli!
Just stop by to see what you have been up and to and to see how Buster's grooming appointment went:)

Super cute and who doesn't love Mary E in everything!

Love the blocks :)
Is it terrible I'd never heard of Mary Englebreit?! I absolutely LOVE that fabric though and cute bookmark too!

Ellen said...

Lovely blocks! I think sending the recipient some of the extra bits of fabric was a great idea!

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